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fitness pal

i think its best if you keep out of the red and stay within the alowance as this helps your weight loss aswell. are you finding it ok hun?


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I don't get to worried if the fat or carb allowance goes over as I find it best to concentrate on one thing at a time so I don't go on a crazy binge :). But it's also good not to restrict yourself to much in the beginning that way you can still make improvements if you plateau. Also everyone's different so if you feel you need more restrictions; go for it.
Regarding the breakfast/lunch ideas I would really recommend having a look at some of the great food diarys on here for inspiration/ideas. When I first started I found tamzy's (My CC Diary) and Sarah's (Sarah's Lose Weight and Get Fit Diary!) really good sources of info. Good Luck! :D
Well I think that's enough of my amateur CC'ing advice ;)
aw i hope so!wat kinda things do u eat4 bfast n lunch?x
i tend to eat a slimming world type breakfast like cereal mixed with mullerlight, bit of milk and packed up with fresh fruits. lunch could be anything thing from jacket potato with tuna or beans and cheese ect, i like to vary my foods on a day to day basis because i get bored quite quickly, you can have a look at my diary in this section, its called " my cc diary, by Tamzy" you could probably see something that you might like. i love the 10 cal soup and it fills me up after i've eaten a meal with it, i will be watchin your diary, hoping to get some more inspirations on here hehe xx
thank u :)xxx this is my diary4 today cud u have a look?

breakfast - 60g bowl of cheerios with semi skimmed milk

snack - alpen light bar n peach

lunch - 4 ryvita multigrain with tomato & 2 low low cheese n ham triangles, light choices cup a soup, shape mango yoghurt

dinner - 2 low fat denny sausages, large baked potato (cut into chips n roasted in oven) 1tbsp ex light hellmans mayo

snack - velvet crunch & 2 crispbakes light choices

does this look ok?xxx
today looks great , the only thing i'd suggest is some salad or veggies, it personally makes me feel fuller when i have a side salad or sometging but its only your 1st day and you did great hun! xx
thank u..usually i do eat salad n stuff bu today was bit hectic lol.. i had 1431 and accoring to fitness pal im allowed 1480, tommorrw is goin to be tricky as i out at a 3 course chinese lunch4 a colleague leavin:-0 will try make healthier choices!any other advice?xx
if your goin to have chineese my best advise to you would be to choose wisely, stay away from sweet n sour things.. but if you do eat them eat try and portion them out, its the only way to go unless your going to just go all out until tomorrow then start a fresh.

are you going to do a food diary on here? that way you'll get a lot of help. xx
Hi tamzy

Yeah goin to post my food diary now, i opted for veg curry with boiled rice in Chinese and wee portion of smoked chicken for starter, wasn’t much in it, im loggin my food diary on fitness pal to so gud that it adds up calories for me.. xx

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