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Five Stone to Lose in 2015


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I am now 209 lbs, which is 1 lb shy of my heaviest weight ever - that I 'achieved' nearly 5 years ago now...

The last five years have looked like this:

I've had several dips down, the most significant ones are listed below, but I have never got close to what I would consider a goal weight or really adopted a new lifestyle that would maintain any loss.

#1 - weight watchers discovery (old points)
#2 - slimming world red
#3 - Slim and save
#4 - Slim and save
#5 - weight watchers pro points

In contrast my lowest weight (over the age of 21) was 137 lbs (BMI 22.5 - I was 28). I felt like I could lose another 7 lbs then but really, I was pretty happy at that weight, it was short-lived. I have yo-yo dieted my entire adult life but the ranges have shifted up over the years.

Now I am 41 and over the last year in particularly I am feeling the effects of this weight - plantar fasciitis (walking for fitness now an issue) and hyperlordosis of the lower spine (which causes issues with sitting in the morning especially).

So I am starting at 1 lb less than my heaviest and I am aiming to be 2 lbs above my lightest (mainly because it make it a nice round 5 stone!).

I don't want to live the rest of my life yo yo dieting between extremes and I don't want to live it overweight with restricted mobility either.

It is completely up to me what that graph looks like a year from now. I sincerely hope that the Y-axis will have a greater range at the bottom and the green line be down there too. Wishing won't make that happen though - only me.

Not sure whether or not this diary will help. I am going to think about it more today - I know they have in the past but then I am also aware that they have hindered. I think I would like to go to a group - but a really, really small one and that's not going to happen really...
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