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Flapjacks - love or hate?

Having had my weigh in for my first week, I had to make the decision on what I wanted this week. Being unable to face the shakes again for a second week, even with a great weight loss, I decided i needed to chew and eat.

So i told the chemist i'd have 10 flapjacks. His face showed his shock and said only a couple of people had tried them and not one of them like them.

Are they really that bad - have i made a big mistake?

Does anyone like them at all????
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Hi Rosie

I haven't tried them and the only reason I haven't is because the pharmascist told me that most people complain about them, mind you they might be better if you are struggling with the shakes.
I am sure I saw someone on here who toasted them, I might have imagined that 'cos since starting LT my memory and brain are a bit worse than usual :confused:
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I tried one the other week and to be honest hun i didnt like it but everyone has different taste buds but my friend loves them!!
hi hon i've had a few flapjacks didnt like the first one at all took me about two hours to eat it and a ton of water.But had a few more since and not so bad they are handy if your out and about and it is nice to chew something i've toatsed them and microwaved them with a bit of water which makes them not as dry but everone is different but i have heard you should'nt have more than two a day
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Girlfriend, if you manage to chew more than one of these you have earned some serious respect!
The first couple I ever had, half went in the bin...I hated them.

Now I love love love them, today is my last one, and I am sooo going to miss them :cry: trust me, if you give them a chance, you will grow to love them too :)


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I totally agree Cara...I had them for lunch every day and loved them by time came off LT! Try toasting them for a couple of seconds...even nicer!!! A Toasted Coconut flap jack and a big mug of black earl grey team....diet heaven!!
LOL Bea, you sound like you miss LT!!

Rosie I loved the Peanut and didnt like the coconut so much. You do get used to the taste of them but they do stink!! Next week get a mix of shakes and flapjacks because as you progress through the weeks your tastes cahnge and things you couldnt stand at the start will suddenly be quite nice. I would suggest to all of you who decided at the start that you didn't like something to try it again a few weeks in and see how you feel. It might be a blessing in disguise!!


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I hated them, hated them, hated them. The shakes I love them all, but the flapjacks.......yuck!!!
Girlfriend, if you manage to chew more than one of these you have earned some serious respect!

haha! LOL.

I just couldn't get mine down.


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
I am looking back on LT with Rose Tinted glasses a bit I have to admit!!! LOL
Well guyes, I've survived my first two flapjacks. Wow (and that's not in a good way). What a taste!!!! I've never that anything that taste like that!

Apart from the 'unique' taste - i've really impressed. I start the flapjack at 10 and it's tekn me almost two hoursto get the thing down me, but then i've stayed full and satisfied until i get home and have the chicken soup. And to get it down i've had even more water than normal. So hopefully they'll work towards a good second weeks weight loss.

A question though, i'm having aflapjack at 10-12 but can't get a second one down me and beacuase i've felt full, i've only had thesoup at night and so only two out of the three shake/soup/flapjacks. As i don't need it or feel i want it, is it ok to only have two?
The odd day only having two shakes/flapjacks wouldnt do much harm but really the nutrients that your body needs each day are spread out between all three so it is very important that you do not make a habit out of it hun.

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