Flexible Syns?


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I have never really understood the concept of flexible syns and was hoping someone could explain it to me please...

My hubby is just out collecting the Indian take away (oopps) so I'm hoping this could be a flexible syn day.......??

I caved in so easily when hubby glanced at the menu as I haven't lost much this week despite being really really good so feeling a bit dispondent :(
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Flexible syns just means if you are having something in to eat or going to a party or something, you just make sure you count syns. Eg, allow yourself 100 (or how many you think you need for the event), then that way you are in control. It means you can enjoy yourself and yet feel in control. It is ok to do every so often but not like every week or anything. Ha i have been having flexi syns every day at the moment lol x


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If I flexi syn then I still work out how much it would be (or guesstimate if it's not listed) then even it out over the next couple of days. I had 5 bottles of Bud on NYE and then only had 6 syns per day for the rest of that week to compensate.
Gotta be able to live your life still :)
(I could murder a curry lol)