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Florida and Attraction Tickets

Can anyone recommend a good website to get cheaper than travel agent attraction tickets for Florida?

Staying on I-Drive and won't be driving.

Looking mainly at day trips to beaches, Miami maybe and theme parks.

Have been before but always with Thomson and going with Virgin this time, if anyone has been with Virgin and went to the welcome meeting thing, what trips do they have that you can buy from there??

Any ideas would be FAB!!!
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my brother went in april and bought his theme park tickets from people at the petrol stations cheaper than over here
I always get mine from Undercoveryourist.com or Travelcity Direct.

Be really careful if you buy them over in America as a lot of the places selling them cheap are actually time share places that will make you listen to a load of sales speech before you save a few quid.

Decide and plan each day of your holiday and then get the appropriate passes. no point in getting a 14 day Disney pass if you are only doing 5 days in the Disney parks.

Have a look on TheDibb.Com as they have loads of ideas!

(Also be careful of people selling 2nd hand tickets as they are now linked to your fingerprint so you won't get in!)

We have just returned from Orlando having travelled with Virgin for the first time ( also been before). A resort rep telephoned us about two weeks before departure ( apparently they have been doing this for more than a year). Once she had our email address she sent us a list of excursions to pre-book. I had looked them up on the web

We had several phone calls with her over the week. Check the prices ....e.g. the web price said that children aged 3-11 were free with an adult for the Dolly Parton Dinner and the rep hounoured the offer I had read on the Virgin web page but otherwise would have charged me for a child ticket. I can not praise the reps advice before departure on the phone prior to departure. We booked excursions before departure and therefore did not feel the need to attent to welcome meeting in resort. When I needed to ring the rep back on one occasion I was only charged the price of a local rate phone call. We had an Orlando 5 park flexi ticket ( We have previously 'done Disney') . We stayed in a Universal Hotel so we had express passes for their parks which you can buy as an addition when you go into the parks ( limited availability) it does avoid the queues for the popular rides . We did have a car. Any complimentary transport to the parks that may be available with your ticket usually has to be booked 24 hours in advance and may include several pick-ups and drop offs. We went to the Cirque du Soliel, The Dolly Parton Dinner and Kennedy Space Centre booked through Virgin. I was very pleased with Virgin and would travel with them again. I can't wait to return ! Have a great time. HL
P.S. The Virgin list of excursions for 'Miami and Orlando' ( as in those listed for 'in resort')
were also available to pre-book before travelling ...some of them only run on particular days each week . I think on the Virgin website there are contact details for the reps in resort if your want to contact them before they contact you !
Hope this all helps. HL
Was just going to start a new thread asking for advice on Florida .
Myself and my children and a group of friends have decided to book a villa in Kissimee for 2009 !
Would like all info possible from you all that have already been there and done it .

I have been b4 but didnt have the best experience , i want to make this trip Fantastic .

I got my tickets on the gates in 2004 when i went , found that idea and cheap .
Can i just ask those who normally travel with Virgin but who this year have decided to fly to Florida with Travel City Direct , how they found the difference .
Only when i went in 2004 we were on a TCD flight and it was Awful . sanford airport :mad:

Comments please :D:D
Only when i went in 2004 we were on a TCD flight and it was Awful . sanford airport :mad:
Our previous trip to Orlando had been with First Choice 2005 ( previously some good expereinces with them to Menorca travelling 'premium' ) to Sanford Airport. We've not travelled with TCD. We had a flight 'downgrade' on the way out resulting in us touching down in Bangor Maine to refuel in a smaller plane with less facilities and ran out of bottled water. (the intended departure plane was grounded in Mexico.) We were delayed on the way home due to storms ( spent about 5 hours in the VIP lounge which I would recommend at Sanford which I'd booked as an add on .....computer access, play stations and films to watch etc ) We arrived home to find we had two crushed cases and one missing ( which turned up a week later damp ). The holiday itself was fantastic staying in a Disney resort but the travelling via Sanford was not the best of experiences compared to Virgin and Orlando Airport . I also used my Tesco vouchers to travel with Virgin this year. Love to hear anyone elses experiences as we plan to return. HL
We have been many times with both Virgin and Travel City. Travel City seem to be cheaper BUT remember you usually pay extra for things like baggage, pre booking of seats, guaranteed seats next to each other etc.

I still found them marginally cheaper (from memory I paid 350 this year with TC whereas Virgin would have been 450 each) BUT we had a problem with the plane and because they don't have the backup of Virgin we were kind of left to get on with it...

Anyway next year is booked with Virgin and looking forward to it a lot more....
Had a day trip to Miami, it rained like I have never seen rain (literally never seen rain that hard!) hence the day was a wash out, I couldn't see out of the car so just parked up scared for 2 hours and then drove back to Orlando!! Bizarre!
Do you think there's much point going if you dont have a car? cos a lot of people have said its quite hard to get around.. sorry.. just bumping in on this thread.. lol
x x
Do you think there's much point going if you dont have a car? cos a lot of people have said its quite hard to get around.. sorry.. just bumping in on this thread.. lol
x x
I think it very much depends where u stay Kitte.

If you are a hotel, many run shuttles to the main parks and much of the shopping is within a reasonably priced cab fare.

I would recommend driving, just by personal experience. It is easy to get about and you are not tied down. That said, if you can't drive or don't want to, I would not let that put you off. You will have a fab time regardless.

I can drive.. but you have to be 21.. and im just 19.. lol.. i was gonna try to save up to go.. but i think i might give myself another few years so i can drive around.. think it will be an experiance.. and upgrade to one of those nice little sports cars (ha.. yeah right)..
thanks you though..!!
x x x
Get on and order them, from memory Undercovertourist used to take 10 days.

You can of course get Disney tickets in Disney Stores in the UK but you must take your passport to buy them (talking from experience of driving 20 miles to a store to find out that hard way)

hiya, i have been 2 times befor, stayed at quality inn plaza on I-drive, used the buses both times, but always get our tickets with booking at travel agents, but all the way down international drive are littlekiosks selling tickets, and also buy them off u if u dont use them all!!!
Hop u have a great holiday, im going again in nov 08 xxx

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