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I'm Emma, and I'm ready to take on this challenge. I'm 24 years old with a birthday next month and I've started to re-examine my life and what I want out of it...not that reaching 25 is old in any way, but I want to know where I'm going with my life. Part of the overhaul includes my weight (along with my career and other smaller issues I want to tackle). I was going to start Exante after my birthday, but then I thought 'why wait? Just get on with it already'.

I live with my boyfriend, kittens and hamster and I have an office job, which means a sedentary lifestyle. My boyfriend is extremely encouraging, we've both been trying to lose weight and support each other. He's already agreed to lock himself away for my first three days of hell lol. Money is tight so I won't be joining the gym again, but exercise wise we will be walking and I've got 30 Day Shred and Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. We've hidden the scales so that I only weigh myself once a week as I tend to get a bit carried away.

I've always been big - I remember being 9 and running around the garden trying to lose weight. I seem to lose the same stone and regain it, over and over again. I've tried Slimming World, Weight Watchers and calorie counting, which are all great, but they've not really helped me lose anything apart from that initial stone. I haven't decided whether I'll be doing Exante for the duration of my weight loss - heck I've not even decided if I just want to get a bit slimmer or go all the way to a 'healthy' BMI. But I'm hoping that Exante will help me get over that hurdle.

I'm also hoping that because I'm so money motivated, paying out for Exante will help me to know exactly what to eat without obsessing over what I can and cannot eat, plus encourage me to stay with it as if I cheat and come out of ketosis then I'll have 'wasted' money.

I'm starting on Tuesday as my stuff should be arriving tomorrow whilst I'm at work. I really enjoy having a forum diary - I have others for other subjects (money mostly) so my posts will be really long and of substance I hope!

Anyway, the goals, if I go all the way, are as follows:

Under 18 stone
Under 17 stone
10% lost
Under 16 stone
20% lost
Under 15 stone
Under 200lbs
Under 14 stone
Under 13 stone
Under 175lbs
Under 12 stone
Under 11 stone
Under 150lbs

Before photos to follow tomorrow night!

Start weight: 18st8lb
Waist: 57"
Hips: 52"

I'm really excited to get to know a lot of you and become a real part of the community. I've got the added incentive of a holiday to Florida in November. I do NOT want to have to use the larger seats on rides any more, or even worse, face the humiliation of having to get off a ride as the larger seat still wasn't big enough :(
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WILL do it!
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Hi Emma

We're similar in weight and height (and money lol) so I feel I can identify with you :) You can do it! Minimins is such a good place to come for support and encouragement. I'm restarting for the billionth time in the hopes that I will look half-decent for my graduation in September/October, so our goal dates are close too. I tried the 30 Day Shred before, it's EVIL but definitely works! lol Combining that with the Walk Away The Pounds workouts and Exante, the weight will drop off you x


S: 19st5lb C: 19st5lb BMI: 51.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

My pack arrived yesterday - I have to say that I'm very impressed with the customer service - I was emailed with a one hour delivery slot and the items arrived within that time frame. It was a bit daunting thinking 'this is it for the next four weeks'. But I do have a confession...in 10 days I'm going with the ladies from work to Prezzo and I'm planning a little splurge, then in 4 weeks time it is my birthday so we're going out for a meal. Thank goodness!

I went and bought 1l bottles yesterday as we have a water cooler at work and I'm going to refill the bottles every night. I packed my work bag with a selection of soups, shakes and bars to store in my drawer at work.

And this morning...well I'd spent most of the night dreaming of food anyway, and woke up hungry. I made a chocolate shake and wanted to gag, not so much on the taste, but more the idea of it. I'm the same with quorn or anything a bit 'different' to what it should be. So it was purely psychological - it actually tasted okay. It was really thick and creamy and took me 30 minutes to drink, and yes, it did fill me up. I'm really looking forward to a bar at lunch time and tomato and basil soup for dinner. I am really hungry now despite having almost drunk 1l of water.

Otherwise I'm feeling okay though. I'm a bit upset because my manager started a slimming club last night (I don't recall which one) and made a comment about eating an apple. I responded showing him my new diet and joking that next Tuesday we should see who has lost more, and his response was 'well you've got a long way to go' whilst looking at my belly. Yea...thanks for that.

Anyway, I've got an absolute ton of things to do at work today so I'm hoping that will occupy my mind. If it wasn't so icy outside I'd go for a walk at lunch, maybe tomorrow.


S: 19st5lb C: 19st5lb BMI: 51.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yuck! I had the nut, raisin and toffee cereal bar for lunch. This is the one item I was looking forward to the most, and it wasn't very nice at all! It has also left a horrible taste in my mouth.

I'm also starving. Two hours til home time. Another 1/2 l of water down and I must have gone to the loo 8 times today so far - thank goodness my colleagues know I'm doing this!

I just want these first three days to be over. I really want to jack it all in, go home and eat all the crap under the sun whilst laying in bed watching a film.


S: 19st5lb C: 19st5lb BMI: 51.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm having a really difficult day today. A few months ago I was signed off work for a few weeks due to mental health problems, and it is as though they've all come crashing down on me today. I feel as though I want to walk out of my job this very instant and never return. Then go to KFC or Nando's later for some 'comfort'.

My boyfriend took some photos of me this morning - underwear only and then a dress. I've just looked at them for motivation, and boy has it worked! I think I'll go home, have a cry to my boyfriend, go for a walk and then go out to the cinema. IF I have Nando's (which I'm trying not to) then I'll have plain chicken salad.

I feel like a failure :(


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dont feel like a failure keep thinking how great you will look in 4 weeks time for your birthday xxx


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Stick with it :) I'm a comfort eater but know if I was a binge I will only feel worse for it. Stay in control and you will feel more positive when you lose your first chunk of weight. Then you can tell your boss how much you lost :p


S: 19st5lb C: 19st5lb BMI: 51.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone. I'm glad to say that I got through yesterday with lots of tears, shopping and boyfriend cuddles.

I've been feeling good today - a lot less hungry although I'm struggling with my water. Almost 3pm and I've only just managed 1l.

I think ketosis must be here as I have a horrible taste in my mouth. I've also had a comment about looking as though I've lost weight, so that's something.

I am planning a meal at the weekend of some sort - obviously a ketosis friendly meal, but I'm looking forward to it so much.


Mere's Diary
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Have been reading your posts and am glad to see you are feeling a bit better. Your manager sounds a bit of a pain but maybe she is just jealous that you have the guts to go for an extreme diet. Just think how you will feel when you can boast of your tremendous weight loss. :) Good luck.
Mere x