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  1. L1sa

    L1sa Banned

    Im off to Florida in August and can't wait.... BIG KID!!

    Got to lose as much as I can due to their food portion sizes :)

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  3. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    We went in December & it was brill all the Christmas decorations were out, Magic Kingdom was amazing, anyway, we ate at The Golden Corale, it's a buffet place, which is brill because you can chose what you eat, there is lots to chose from & it's quiet cheap $12.99 I think.
  4. L1sa

    L1sa Banned

    Yeah we're going to magic kingdom :) I so can't wait!!

    It's the first time I've been. Only got my first passport last year (I'm 39) and been to Turkey (marmaris) Egypt (sharm el Sheikh) already

    I'm so addicted now lol
  5. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    We've been a few times & love it, we're going back Dec 13, there is so much more to Florida than just theme parks, we find we now get time to explore nature parks etc.

    Well you've certainly made use of your passport so far:D
  6. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Oh you will LOVE it! It's literally my favourite place can't wait.:) I'm going on the 27th July and can't wait. Like HappyHolidays says the Golden Corral is amazingly good value and the food is really yummy!
    I'd also recommend the Olive Garden (not sure it's v slimming world friendly but definitely for a treat :) )

    Have you planned what parks you're going to? We're only doing Universal, IOA and the 4 Disney Parks plus Typhoon Lagoon this year. We usually do Seaworld and Discovery Cove too (which if you have the chance you should DEFINITELY do...it's my favourite park)
  7. L1sa

    L1sa Banned

    Hehe I'm not sure exactly what we are doing yet Hubby's been before so kind of leaving it up to him. I still can't believe I'm actually going if I'm honest ?

    I want to go the place where they swim with dolphins but I think we may do that another time when we go on our own .... It's my dream to swim with dolphins!

    We've got a villa in rotonda which is a couple of hours away from the parks (its someone we know that owns it so FREE) so will be staying in a hotel for a few days.

    I so can't wait!!!

    Any suggestions of where to go, to eat or anything let me know I'm making a list do we can plan xx
  8. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Gold Member

    Yep discovery cove is the place to go to swim with dolphins!

    I'd also say you should give the upside down house (think its called wonder works a try) it's not got enough in it to keep you going all day but definitely an evening after dinner.

    Will have a wee think about where else is good to eat. We tend to do golden corral, olive garden and then the oh so classy subway lol! Mixed in with local restaurants that I can't remember the names of!

    You'll honestly love it, there's nowhere else like it!
  9. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    Yes Discovery Cove is worth the money, there are only a limited amount of people allowed in & they make you feel very special, I'd recommend going there if you wish to swim with dolphins.

    We eat either at Golden Coral (it suits the whole family) or wherever takes our fancy, we try & eat at Universal at least once during our stay, it's somewhere a bit special.

    As to the parks it's really whatever you fancy, they are all fantastic, nothing is left to the imagination, they seem to have thought about everything. The only thing I'd say is try & get there for the parks opening, they are always busy & the earlier you get there the better.

    We went to a few nature parks whilst there in December, they are amazing, we went to Kennedy Space Centre & Merrit Island, which are both amazing, & worth the drive there.

    Whatever you do you'll have a fantastic time, the Americans really know how to look after you:D
  10. natnat1105

    natnat1105 Full Member

    I went to Florida last year for the first time and love love loved it!! Amazing place. We are going again this year.

    I would recommend planning which parks you are going to daily, you can find calendars online that tell you which parks are best on what days depending on the time of year in terms of footfall. We did this and we managed to hit all the parks on quieter days and barely had to queue for anything. I would recommend Aquatica Water park too. Make sure you do the Magic Kingdom fireworks too....I almost cried watching them, completely magical.

    Make sure you have good holiday insurance too, I had BAD toothache during the holiday (nearly had to come home a week early) and wind up with a $600+ bill for a dentist...medical care is very expensive there as the is no NHS, it's all private!! $300 for just a consultation with a GP!!!

    Eating, I would recommend Bahama Breeze, fab for fish dishes and quite healthy AND tasty too. I would also advise trying Funnel Cake....I had no idea what it was, but it's a kind of giant doughnut nest covered in icing sugar and strawberry sauce (with strawberries in it) and squirty cream!! Mmmmm.....I'm salivating thinking about it!! Also, try Cheescake Factory at the Mall at Millenia, they have a whole A4 page of various different cheesecakes. They do proper food too and they give you tasty low calorie options too.

    I'm so excited to go back, its and awesome place, you will want to go every year after going once!!
  11. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    I am going in November :)
  12. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Oh I went last September and going back September 2013. I can't wait. It's literally the most amazing place on earth. This time we are doing a week in Orlando and a week on Anna Maria island. So excited already and have 15 months to wait!!!
  13. L1sa

    L1sa Banned

    Exciting!!!!!! :)

    I'm going in August

  14. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    I wish mine was sooner. I keep dreaming. If you can discovery cove is fantastic. The most magical place ever. All food and drink is included in the price and is really good food - plus you can swim with a dolphin :)
  15. L1sa

    L1sa Banned

    Yeah I've seen that on a DVD we ordered I really want to go there. We can't afford all the parks it's so hard to decide. There's me, hubby my 2 teenagers and hubby's 5 & 10 year old as you can see the age gap is huge so quite hard to please all!

  16. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    When we went last year we did no Disney as we couldn't afford to do Disney and everything else so we shopped around and did sea world, aquatica, discovery cove and Busch gardens with one ticket and the double pass at universal. We also did an airboat ride and gatorland (both a waste of time imo) and kennedy space centre which was great....This time we are only in Orlando for a week so we are doing 2 days in Disney, discovery cove and aquatica and possibly sea world again and then a week of pure nothingness but beaches and boat trips.
  17. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    I should say there were 10 of us who went - we were 6 adults ( 2 in their 60's) and 4 kids between 13 and 16 xx
  18. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    In the past we have bought our tickets from ticketmania.com they deliver them to your hotel & you can get some good deals. I always start shopping around about 12 months before I go, I check regularly on Disney website, ticketmania, onlineflorida.com & iloveorlando.com. I must admit it can be expensive going to all the parks, last year we spent £1,666 on park tickets for 4 adults, me & OH didn't go to Busch Gardens, we all went to KSC, but I can't remember the cost of that, I did register for emails & bought those tickets on special offer, I seem to remember it was about £40 each which included a special tour. Feel free to pm me if you want to pick my brains:D
  19. IWillBeAYummyMummy

    IWillBeAYummyMummy Supercalifragilistic

    Undercovertourist.com always comes up cheaper for us :)
  20. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays Gold Member

    How come I've never heard of that one before:rolleyes:, thanks I'll take a look.
  21. wind1

    wind1 Full Member

    We went in 2010, the year of the volcano. We got stuck over there for an extra week and did all the theme parks again as our tickets were still valid, but when we got home we discovered that all the theme parks were allowing people who were stuck free entry so we could have done the parks we didn't have tickets for. Also had a nightmare trying to get money back from our insurance company to cover the extra week, but got about 2/3rds back in the end. Kennedy space centre was the highlight for me, absolutely brilliant. They did a bus tour around the grounds which is a conservation area so we saw loads of wildlife, alligators, bobcat, bald eagle nest and babies. Well worth a visit.

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