Food and that invisible force field in front of the mouth

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  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    Just needed to write my thoughts down (copied from another area to here incase someone has something to say in response here)

    Have just been reading others threads about their plans over Christmas. I will have done over 100 days of complete abstinance by Christmas and will still have just under 3 stone to lose at that time so I have decided I will have protein and veg for a couple of days along with my packs and then return totally to food packs and get the last bit of weight off.

    Although I'm happy with this decision it also is obviously a concern as I've been having dreams about failing in my attempt to return to 100% no food. I guess that comes from reading so many posts from others on how difficult they have found it after having a break - there aren't enough posts from those who have done it successfully on here. Is that because there aren't many success stories or because people aren't sharing that fact?

    Anyway, having read about what some other people will be doing at Christmas I realised that when I think seriously about physically eating again the image I end up getting is me trying to get the food to my mouth but my hand kind of being repelled by some invisible force field and if I manage to get through that force field then I'm reluctantly nibbling at food I've been looking forward to eating.

    Maybe I won't eat on Christmas Day, maybe I will. Perhaps by giving myself permission I've taken away a chance to eat rebelliously and so there is no need? I don't know. I'm a little concerned that I'll be filled with guilt when ever it is that I start eating again. And I love food. And one of the comments people make is that I should be sensible not to develop anoerexia or anything on this diet. I've always thought, and said to them, No way, I love food. But could it happen?

    I guess there are good threads out there from those who have experienced something similar but on such a busy board I have been dipping in and out of the threads of those that have been before me on the journey and don't get to read every post in a thread.

    If anyone feels inclined to respond to this thread with their experiences of the invisible force field, I'd appreciate it. Even if it is just posting a couple of relevant links.

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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    hmmm, maybe I'm the only one with an invisible force field?
  4. Dragonfly

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    That all sounds very sensible. I have also made a similar decision, I'm going to Rome for 5 days on 15th Dec and I intend to eat senisibly whilst there, no carbs or pizza (groan) then Christmas Day I am out to a family lunch, and I'm going to take my own food with me a portion of Quorn and some veg. Then straight back on the SS after. Heres hoping we make it.
  5. Porgeous

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    I too was worried about how I would feel about eating again and whether the force field would materialise. I think this is particularly a concern if you find SS relatively painless - there can be a tendency to feel that it is just easier to carry on not eating than to deal with the difficulties of being in control around food. However, my experience so far has belied all of these misgivings. I had a planned three day break in Barcelona where I ate fish and salad in the evening and went straight back to SS with no problems. I have been working up the plans for three weeks and have not been plagued by all the old cravings and not only has the force field not materialised I am actually really enjoying eating healthily - long may it continue.

  6. clairelesley

    clairelesley Fairy Princess to Be

    I think given the backlash when people suggest cheating or deviating a lot of people are probably reluctant to condone it.
    But hey....
    This time last year I was doing LL; I'd just finished Foundation (complete absitinence) so Christmas week was my first week of Maintenance (equivalent of 790ish). Well, I had my Quorn, and some veg, and a couple of potatoes, a glass of wine and a teeny bit of pudding so I wasn't sticking to the diet but I didn't overindulge either. I continued following the maintenance plan thereafter and managed to maintain my weight for about six months up till the point I was ready to shift a bit more.
    So, yay, success story for me!
    On the other hand, one of the women from my group (who had actual been determined to abstain as she was continuing on Development) ended up eating for Britain and struggled for weeks after that to get back into it.
    Other women in the group managed to abstain the whole time without a problem.
    It really depends on the individual I think, but from seeing all this I believe the important bit is to do what you've done Dancing; really think about what you want, make a conscious, realistic decision and stick to it because mostly it's the psychological aspects of 'cheating' and 'letting yourself down' that make you feel worse than the actual food.
    For some people that might be sticking to SS, for some it might be going to a higher plan and for others it might mean giving yourself a complete break for a couple of days (although I would really think carefully before taking the last option, because it WILL affect you physically too).
    The REALLY important thing is not to let food in any guise ruin your day or holiday; we're all doing this to allow ourselves to be happier and NOT dictated to by food!
    Happy Holidays!
  7. spooky

    spooky Banned

    I think after sole source or abstinence, theres a crashing realisation that you alone are responsible for what goes into your mouth.
    I found my first AAMW a time of fear. I worried about the portions and how much I would lose that week. Its a natural part of the process. I think you are right giving yourself 'permission' as to me that takes the shine from bingeing.
    Christmas is the most tempting time of all, and if you can stick to your foodplan you are to be congratulated for that.
  8. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    a really big thank you to you guys for responding. there is a lot here for me to think about. I am having my first AAMW starting Friday (as I'm now CD not LL) and I am fearful (and I guess that is what I call my invisible force field). Just wondering if it will result in me losing the state of mind I've been in that has made SS/Foundation so easy (relatively) for me (spot on with that observation Georgie). I don't think I will go tumbling off the wagon but just don't want anything to hinder what has been a relatively easy ride so far.

    I guess as you guys say, I'm just going through a mental adjustment in preparation for food reentering my life (even if in a controlled fashion and for a limited time frame).

    One thing I'm positive of is that I do not want a complete break from the plan. I am committed to seeing this through to the end but will do a controlled relaxation while on holiday. I will still have 3 packs a day but will avoid the regular trigger foods.
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