Food buying confidence issues


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Does anyone here have shame issues when it comes to food shopping or eating out, even when it's all healthy? I should know myself from having worked in these places the last thing the person serving you is thinking is "God she is huge. Is she gonna eat that?" stuff. But despite knowing that I have huge hang ups buying myself food and can find the whole thing destressing. I have pretty much given up eating in public or even sitting in a cafe. It does my agoraphobia no good.

After my counselling appointment today, my mother without thinking dragged me into this huge shop and I freaked out and had to leave. Sadly this is common for me. I just felt like the circus freak. Chuck in a couple of dancing monkeys and everyone has a show! Does anyone else find the buying of food stressful?
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Blue Butterfly

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Yep me.
Even if it is healthy stuff I think people will be looking in my trolley and thinking 'she's fat,whats the healthy food for'!

I hate eating out as I always thing people are watching me eat (I doubt they are though) but Im paranoid about it so I will pick at my meal and then go home hungry.
I just hate eating infront of other people,stresses me right out!

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I've been doing my new diet groceries twice in a row this week (no way I'm eating the crappy stuff in my cupboard) so I needed lots of stuff. And there I am, in the aisle, reading the labels off everything, seeing how much sugar and fat there is in everything. I had tons of veggies and fruit, light everything and basically, retardedly healthy stuff. I usually eat quite well, but have you know, chocolate biscuits, or some sort of treat. This time, nada! I was convinced people were talking behind my back. Maybe they do? Or are we just paranoid?


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I've tried to give up feeling anxious about what people in the shops are thinking. If you buy fattening food you feel they are thinking 'look at that fat person with the chocolates'. If you buy healthy food you feel they are thinking 'look at that fat person trying to slim, who are they kidding'. When what they are really thinking is 'I wish it was 5 o'clock so I can go home' or 'I wonder if Dad remembered to tape that film' . Half the time the feelings are only in your head and you are just projecting them onto people nearby.


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I must say when I was at my heaviest a few years ago i would not go shopping full stop. It was online or send somebody else or I wouldnt go at all.

Even now I must say I would never eat any kind of fruit in public, I feel like people would look at me like 'yeah dream on'.

Probably all in my head, and comes from my own lack of self confidence.