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Food Combining

Has anyone ever done this? I've done it before and felt fantastic on it, my 1st week I lost 5lbs. I only stopped because I wasn't in a good place for dieting.
There is no weighing or measuring, its just basically not eating proteins with starches. And fruit needs to be eaten on its own or before a meal, not after.
It even suggests using real butter on your jacket potatoes ;)

My menu today hasn't been the best as I need to go shopping so it doesn't look that interesting but..

BF - Apple and Tangerine

Lunch - home made veg soup with potatoes

Tea - cheese salad with quorn sausages.

Snack - tomato mugshot
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Again still need to get shopping so not the best example.

1 apple
1 tangerine

4 x WW bread with flora light (its recommended to use real butter instead of marg)

Cheese salad with 2 veggie burgers.

stir fry with black bean sauce and noodles
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I got to a weight loss support group and the woman who runs it has a friend who lives by food combining just as a way of life.

This is the most basic of info I found, other sites and books go more in depth. Hay Diet - Food combining for health

There's a chart here but don't be put off if it looks complicated http://www.abcompany.com/abco/aw/nutrition/foodcombining.pdf

The first week I did this I lost 5lb (circumstances weren't good for me to carry on) you don't get bloating and food goes through you very quickly because its digested properly.

I also have a couple of books The Complete Book of Food Combining: A New, Easy-to-use Guide to the Most Successful Diet Ever: Amazon.co.uk: Kathryn Marsden: Books and The Hay Diet Made Easy - A Practical Guide to Food Combining: Amazon.co.uk: Jackie Habgood: Books very cheap on ebay!

Sorry waffling on :8855:
Its very good for a lot of conditions :)
Its not so much for losing weight, the weight loss is more of a bonus. Its basically a healthy way of eating.


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I'm doing food combining at the moment, as well as eating 75% raw vegan (not completly vegan cos I eat honey) and it's really working to make me feel great. I will find out on Tuesday if I have managed to lose any weight!
I had a bit of a meltdown. Was doing fine then I saw piccies of me and yuk! I'm struggling so much to lose and my life has revolved around food for so long that I'm just so tired of it.
I've signed up to do Cambridge and started today. FC is definitely a fab way to eat, I just need a boost right now.
I just need to not think about food for a while and get some good results.
I really hope you do well with Cambridge diet. But if you like your food I could really recommend Slimming World, take a look at the food diaries you can eat so much. It isn't a quick fix, & the weight loses can be slower but it's nice to eat until you are full & have a glass of wine & choc in the evening.:D
I tried it but it just doesn't work for me. I'm veggie so end up eating mainly carbs and therefore I lose hardly anything!
Sometimes I wish I ate meat because the EE looks fab lol!

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