Food Diaries!


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I used one when I started but it soon petered out. It's something I am trying to change and I tend to use one each day in one form or another.

I use the one on here, but the days I don't fill one in I tend to keep a paper copy at home. I'm still not 100% by any means, but hope to get better.

I manage without one - but that's only because I try to take lunch with me to work and it's usually syn free (today is stuff tomatoes etc). But I think it was easier because I wasn't eating much. Now I'm upping food I need just can't keep track without one, not without risking mistakes x



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I keep a food diary on this forum and I also keep one in a book which is always by my computer, I couldn't function without my diaries they keep me motivated.


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I keep one and very strictly make sure that everything I eat (don't include drink as I only ever have syn free squashes and Pepsi Max) is included in it.

I refer back in it to decide on meals for the forthcoming week, write in the meals I decide on a week in advance, and plan my other meals and snacks around them.

If I didn't have a diary I wouldn't know if I was coming or going lol


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I keep one, I need one to keep track of what I eat, make sure I'm not eating the same things, and to count my syns - my memory is awful!
I find the act of writing things down makes me think more about what I actually want to eat.
It's also useful to keep them so you can have a look back at a good loss week and see what you did.
The weeks I don't use a food diary I always put on!


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I just interested in how others keep on track. Some of my friends that do SW dont keep diaries and they are doing great in fact my best mate (Indigo.Seahorse) is a few pounds away from goal. Everyone is different, but its good to pick peoples brains as you always discover something new you can use!

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i keep an online one here so i can keep track as if not i tend to forget what ive had (convenient huh? lol) i am hoping to learn to rmemeber better and do away with it, because i think if u can master what ur having in ur head it will make it more a natural way of life. and as someone consultant said, u only have to count to 10. x

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Im a bit sad really when it comes to keeping a diary, I keep one on here and also a paper version at home so that I dont forget (memory is really bad!).
I find that if Im struggling I can look back at the weeks that I had a really good loss and use that for inspiration and ideas. I would completely forget what I have eaten during the day if I dont write it down, so for me its my lifeline!


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I keep a paper one, but I very soon got bored off filing in one on here :D

I always write on top of my food diary at the end of the week how much I have lost, it keeps me motivated :D and I need all the motivation I can get because I will be around a while., with so much to lose.

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I do! I have a little notebook (with pretty butterflies on it) which I keep in my SW folder and fill it in all the time - really helps me to keep on track xxx


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I use my new shiny notebook that I have got myself as my new years resolution. I used to count it all in my head, but I think it will be useful (like someone has said above) to be able to look back and see what worked for each week.