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Food diaries

I love this forum but the only thing I find missing compared to the Ww and SW forums, is they have a separate section for food diaries. We have diaries, but not specifically food diaries. They were generally used with less chitchat and you would for example write out -
Etc, what u had and how many cals. I used to find it really helpful for getting ideas for meals, would anyone else like this on here and if so, who do we ask to create it?
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Message one of the moderators and they'll consider it. Though you can quite easily just make a diary and in the title say that it's a food diary and then in your first post explain that you'd like to keep the chit chat to a minimum. I use myfitnesspal and so can see people's food diaries on there.
Is that not the very first sub-section on this part of the forum is?
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No, it seems to be more like a diary where people chat about whats happening not so much just food diaries.

On the other boards they have a section just for the food diaries so you log on and write -
2 weetabix - 500cals

Sandwich - 300cals

Total calories 800
(just an example)

Its just alot easier to log into and grab quick food ideas, especially if you titled your diary with how many calories you were aiming to eat each day ie 1600, then if someone else is on 1600, they could glance at your diary to see how you are spending your cals.... just a bit easier, thats all :D


Slimming down the aisle
I think it's up to you to choose what kind of diary you have. Some people have it strictly as food. Some people use it more for chatting more generally about it and how its going.
I do chit chat in my diary, but every night write out my menu for the day. I use MFP and look at peoples food diaries there. :)
Ah right squeezy, I hadn't actually looked lol I keep my diary on MFP as it does all the counting for you, and with the phone app you just can't go wrong :D

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