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Food Diaries

How many of you fill one of these in? I have done one every week since I started back in March. We had a stand in consultant last night and when I asked her for a diary she asked how long had I been on the plan and suggested that I weened myself of doing them. She suggested just keeping a record of the syns I have eaten.
I am going to give it go this week, but admit to being a bit scared - I know that sounds silly :rolleyes: but it's almost like my control mechanism if you know what I mean. Weigh in next week will show how successful I have been........

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I don't actually fill in an official sw food diary but I do still write down what I eat each day.
I think its wise to as its easy to forget and very easy to have an extra healthy a/b or extra syns because we've forgotten about what we may have eaten earlier.
Not sure she should have advised you to 'ween' yourself....I think its a very godd habit to get into actually!
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if it keeps you going and on plan dont stop, i think its a great habit and wish i still did one


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Ive never done one, but would be interested to know why she feels you should be ween off doing one, its not harming anyone! x
Apparantly she said that Slimming world advise that you try and move away from them after a certain time.

To me it is like a crutch! As soon as I get to work I get my book and diary out and they stay on my desk all day.

Anyway, I have cracked - no will power me...... and filled in a notebook my healthy extras and syns that I have had today. My head gets filled up with work things and life in general I can't be remembering what I have or haven't eaten during the day. I know not eating enough can be as bad as eating too much. So I think I will continue with my diaries, and just keep them for myself. If nothing else they are good to look back on if I haven't lost any pounds at WI :)

Charls x


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Go for it - Id say whatever works for you sweets x


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you seem to be doing just great and if it works for you just keep going girl!
well done x


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I keep a diary, i like to keep track of what i am eating. if it works for you keep doing it. I don't see any problem with doing it to be honest.


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I use the one on the SW website, every day. It helps me keep track of HE's and helps me plan what I want each day. You can save food you have regularly to "favourites" which makes it easier to select items for the diary.


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Thats a point....if we weren't supposed to keep a food diary, why is there a diary on the SW website?

Another good reason for keeping a diary is that when you have a gain, you can look back and maybe see what caused it....likewise, if you have a great loss, you can follow that week again in the future....


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I think the diary is a really useful tool. Who cares how long you use it, if it helps you to keep track, then what's the problem? It's all to easy to become complacent about stuff and then the diet stops working and then we give up. If writing it all down keeps you on the right track, then it's a good thing to do. I would be lost without the food diary, personally.


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The diaries that are filled in and handed in to the consultant each week are so that the consultant can check that the member is doing the plan right and to advise if they are doing anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with keeping a personal diary but maybe what the stand-in was suggesting was that you don't need your diaries read by the consultant every week now.


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