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Food Diary of a Good Girl (10 weeks til W-Day!) x x

Hello! :)

After a disappointing few weeks, culminating in last night's half lb disaster, decided to do this to keep me on the straight and narrow and also to maybe get some feedback from you lovely peeps :)

Have decided to stick with EE for one more week, have lost 2st 4.5lbs following it, so it must work, plus I've never tried Red or Green and they look a bit scary :(

I have 102 days til my holidays, so would definitely like another 14-17.5lbs off by then, which I don't think is undoable!!


Breakfast: Banana (Hate eating in the morning)

1.4m walk to work

Snack: Apple

Lunch: 2 x Wholemeal breads (B) Ham, Tomato, Flora Pro Activ Light (1) Fruit pot (Apples, Pineapple, Strawberries) Cherry Mullerlight

Snack: 2 x Tangerines

1.4m walk home from work

Dinner: Pork minute steaks, New potatoes, with a Ratatouille kind of thing (Tomatoes, Onions, Mushrooms) and Carrots

Generally use most of my syns in the evenings, and don't go over 10 a day...

Laters: 250ml semi skimmed milk (A), Options Vanilla (1.5) Caramel wafer biscuit thing (5)

Fluids: 4 or 5 x 500ml bottles of water, couple of glasses of no added sugar squash

Total syns: 7.5 x x
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Hey tulip :) you food diary looks perfect! Interested to see what your dinner is tonight! I'm sure another 14lbs is doable by you holiday, definitely, good luck!

Day 2 - Day off work, Yay!

Been busy little bee, had lots of things that needed doing, contact lens check up, picking up parcel from sorting office etc. Decided to be an active and not a lazy, which was too tempting this morning, and I walked it all! 4.7mile round hike, which I thought was pretty good :D

Need to go to BIG Tesco for fruits, coz I have none, and it's right next to my gym, so it'd be rude not to go... 'Specially since I'm paying for it and haven't been in well over a year :( And thats another 1.4miles away, lots of body magic today!

B: Apple, Dark Chocolate Fibre Plus (B)

S: Mullerlight

GYM: 2.7mile round walk (there and back) 30mins bike, 10mins arm bike, then gave up, due to being knackered and starving :(

L: Omelette (2 x eggs, ham, tomato, mushroom) Tangerine

S: Half red grapefruit, strawberries, Activia fat free Vanilla yogurt

D: Lasagne (Extra lean beef mince, tinned tomatoes with herbs, mushrooms, onions, peppers, carrots, lasgne sheets, Tesco LC cottage cheese with onion and chives, 42g RF cheese (A))

S: 2 x wholemeal breads (6) Jam (1) Spread (1) Options Caribbean Coconut (1.5)

Syns: 9.5

Fluids: Shapers Raspberry and Mango water stuff (500ml) - Presuming this is free :S 1 x 500ml water, pepsi max, diet coke

x x
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Day 3 - Last day in work before a whole week off :)

B: 28g Ready Brek (part B) with 150ml semi skimmed milk (part A) and 100ml water, Banana

S: Apple, 2 x Rich Tea biscuits (4)

L: 2 x Ryvita wholegrain crispbreads (part B + 1.5) 2 x Laughing cow light(part A), tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber, strawberries and melon

S: Aero Bubbly Lamb :) (7) Options (1.5) 3 x big pieces of Toblerone (13 - Why, oh why do I do it!!)

D: Cod fillet baked with mixed herbs, SW chips, Mushy peas

S: Half a red grapefruit, Mullerlight

Fluids: 1 x 500ml water, 1 x tea (1.5 for sugar and milk) diet lemonade, diet orange

Syns: 28.5... Bad, bad, bad :( x x
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Day 4 - First day off work, Whoop :)

B: Strawberries and melon, Vanilla fat free activia

L: 2 x Eggs, 3 x Bacon, 2 x Wholemeal breads (B), Ketchup (1) Cherry fat free Activia

D: Roast at OH's, NOT SW friendly :( 5 x Teeny Roast Potatoes (5) 2 x Sausages (little ones, think they were pork) (5) Peas, Sweetcorn, Chicken, Gravy (2)

So naughty, next to no Super Free all day, best get on the fruits later!! And no (A) either :(

S: Tangerine, some Grapes

Fluids: Diet pop, lots

Syns: 13

x x
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Hula princess in training
You're food diary looks good Tulip and Wow at the amount of exercise you're managing to do. I'm sure you'll be able to 14lbs before you're holiday :D

And Don't worry if you go over syns on one day because you can cut back syns wise over the next few days. Thats what SW is all about, control and healthy eating :)
Thanks for the message lovely :)

The exercise is quite a new thing, so I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough :) Do like walking though! Saves me pennies, lol!

Hoping to save some syns over the next couple of days, eating out TWICE tomorrow though :( Tis my friend's Bday and I'm hoping she wants to go to Nandos, I'm not the biggest fan but heard it's quite syn savvy... OH is taking me out for pub grub in the evening though, which will be slightly more difficult... Oh well, see what WI brings :)

Good luck on your journey :) x x
This is quite inspiring for a newbie like me, i like the things you're eating!!:);):D I'll keep reading your posts! Thanks Mxxx
Awww, thanks for the lovely comment Hun :) I thoroughly recommend it all (esp. the Toblerone, if you have a few syns spare!)

That's the best thing bout SW though, you can eat anything you fancy... Just hope I can claim some syns back and have a positive result come Wednesday... Really hoping for 1 lb... But we'll see! Trying not to get my hopes up, since I have been pushing it with my syns... x x
Day 5

Knew today was gonna be a bad one... Think I'm having a bit of a crisis wanting what I know I shouldn't have, but eating with people who don't really care, or don't have to care about what they're eating...

B: Apple, Dark Chocolate Fibre Plus

1.5mile walk to Train station

L: Bella Italia (eek) Spaghetti Genovese: Torn chicken breast with marinated rustic tomatoes sautéed with spaghetti and fresh basil pesto... Lovely, save for the gallons of oil... Funny how I ignored the sautéed bit in the restaurant :)

After lunch we saw Black Swan... (And I resisted all cinema treats, inc. the Ben and Jerrys man) For anyone who hasn't seen it, well worth a watch, bit dark like...

D: Pub grub: Prawn Cocktail (teeny bit of seafood sauce, lots of Prawns, Lettuce, Cumcumber and Tomato), Cajun Chicken (which was heart shaped, deliberate or not, made my day!) with jacket potato and loads of salad.

Resisted puds (hoorah!) and had a very yummy 2 fingered Kit Kat when we got home instead

Fluids: LOTS of diet coke

x x
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Hey tulip, hope your feeling ok about yesterday? I had a rubbish day too and syns went through the roof.... But I've drawn a line and got back on plan :)
Hey Hun, definitely the way forward me thinks :) Line drawn... It's very unusal for 2 meals to crop up in a month for me, so in one day was just bleh... Ah well... All done for another year :) Hope you enjoyed yourself, well done for getting back on plan today :)

B: Strawberries, blackberries, grapes and blueberries with strawberry fat free Activia

L: BBQ chicken pieces, 3 x Babybel light (A), 1 x big piece of Wholemeal bread (B) tangerine

D: Chicken Stirfry (Mushrooms, carrots, onions, cabbage, beanshoots) Blue Dragon Chow Mein sauce (about 3syns for half) Uncles Bens Savoury Chicken Rice (1syn for half)

Syns: 4

Fluids: Gallons of diet pop! Must. Drink. More. WATER!

x x
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Day 7

B: 1 x red grapefuit, Vanilla fat free Activia

L: Pot Noodle in a mug - Chinese Chicken, Pineapple, Melon and Mango

Fluids: Pints and pints of water, and NAS squash


I thought this was going to be a very "woe is me" post, after spending all of today in bed with a headache, sulking (mostly because OH's scales told me I'd lost 0.8 of a lb - which I would've completely deserved for being a piggy) BUT not only did I lose 3 WHOLE lbs I also got my 2 and a half stone sticky :D I wanted to do a little dance on the scales!! I am however treating it as overdue from last week, when I was angelic and only lost 0.5lb... But we are having a treat night tonight, since OH is staying at mine, which never happens on a Wednesday and it's probably gonna be the last one *sniff* I'm also planning a flexisyn (draw a line under it and not get depressed) night tomorrow because I'm going to see Tangled with the girls and indulge in a few drinkiepoos... So, I will not complain if the scales do not budge at all next week :D x x
Week 2, Day 1

Morning all :)

After speaking to my C, apparently she thinks it better that I deduct the syns I use tonight off my weekly allowance to have less in the week... Not sure how I feel about that. Hypothetically (sp?) I use 100 syns tonight (we're eating/drinking at Revolution - not unlikely) I then muggle through on 5 for the week? But, I trust her, so we'll see how it goes :) Gonna allow myself the full 105syns this week, and NO treat night on Wednesday!!

B: 2 x Bacon, 1 x Egg, 2 x Wholemeal breads (B) Ketchup (1) Apple

2.7mile round walk to the gym

GYM: 30mins bike, 15mins hand bike

S: Banana

L: Prawns with Italian herbs, Boiled rice, Salad

S: Tesco Light Choices Chocolate Mousse (3.5)

Off to the cinema to watch Tangled!! So excited, I adore Disney :D I have been nosey and discovered Ben and Jerry's do low fat frozen yogurt... I may have to indulge :)

Update - I did indulge, it was fab, tasted like icecream!! (10 ish)

D: Revolution: Ranch Burger, whoops :(

Too many cocktails to remember getting home...

Fluids: As much water as I can force myself to drink :D

Syns: A million

x x
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Week 2, Day 2

I have been an absolute horror today! Haven't been on plan at all, argued with OH and slept for hours this afternoon, missed a friends birthday do because I can't face going out! I look and feel like poo... NEVER AGAIN!! Back to being angelic tomorrow, will try and limit myself to 5ish syns a day... I'll be happy for a stay the same come Wednesday... Off to feel sorry for myself x x
Oh nooooooooo! You'll be fine! I'm trying to stick to plan but got a bad ngt planned at a mate's house, chilli and lots of wine!! I'm going to try and plan next four days though so I'll still lose on Weds

Michelle xxx

Targets (In black when completed) :

12 stone zone reached - 4lb
Half a stone reached - 7lb
Lost 5% of Body Weight - 9.5lb
One stone lost - 14lb
Lost 10% of Body Weight - 18.5lb
Lost half of desired weight loss - 23lb
Lost 20% of Body Weight - 37lb
Hey :)

I've been the same, straight back on the wagon today, feeling much more energetic and upbeat too!! Have stopped beating myself up too (I'm terrible for feeling guilty)... If I gain come Weds, I gain... Will just have to make sure I have a good loss weigh in after! Holiday in 93 days :D x x
Week 2, Day 3

B: Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, Vanilla fat free Activia, Fibre plus bar (B)

L: Pasta n Sauce - Cheese, Leek and Ham (1) 2 x Tangerines

D: 3 x Joe's Pork Sausages, SW wedges, Curry Sauce (3) Tomato and Mushrooms

Syns: 4

Fluids: Diet pop, water, SF Red Bull :)

Had a horrible night last night, OH went out without me and I just turned into a complete girl... I'm useless on my own :( Needless to say I was still awake at 5am when he came home :(

x x
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Mmm that sounds nice...i need to have more fruit! I'm off to my mums for the afternoon and she's making my favourite: Roast Pork, stuffing and roast potatoes :eek: Hmm pork is free but little else!!