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Food Diary!


That mars bar aint love..
Hi all back again!! right, i plan to lose a stone for xmas...here goes nothing!

this was y.day!!

B - 3x egg omlette with frylite lots of mushrooms.

L - Tuna (drained) on 2 pieces of ww danish bread

D - 1 large pork chop lots of garlic and brocolli and a fried egg on top! (all in frylite)

HXb - Bread
HXa - Milk for coffee
Snacks - x2 Muller light (one toffee one strawberry) syns - 0

I know its boring but im a bland eater :)
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That mars bar aint love..
Todays food...

b - 3 x egg omlette with lots of mushrooms

L - 1 can of tuna drained, 28g pasta, tbsp full fat mayo, lettuce.

D - Brocolli, pork chop, garlic. muller yog.

HXa Milk
Hxb Pasta.

again boring...i need to go shopping. my days in the week are RED by the way!! i feel better when i do red days!! however will be having a green day for my chicken chow mein on sat! oh anf the hashbrowns :) XX


Strutting her stuff
And you should be having 2 HEBs on a red day - you only seem to be using one.

I can't stress enough the importance of having variety in your diet - HEs, syns, food and meals. If you are to do this for rest of your life then it can become boring very quickly if you are eating a lot of the same things.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
And eating the same things every day means your body may not be getting all the nutrients it needs. Where's your fruit?


That mars bar aint love..
Hey all thankyou for your replies...I have been mega skint lol so was using up what i had!! Been shopping here is today....

B - Mini weetabix (28g) with water and chopped banana

L - 2 pieces of ww brown danish (hxb) can of tuna with tbsp of full fat mayo (5 syns)

D - 3 egg omlette with mushroom

snacks : Milk for coffee (hxa) 1 x muller light and ww cake bar (5syns) apple and pear.

Drinks: diet coke (1 can) sugar free squash (2 litres cannot drink water on its own :( )



That mars bar aint love..
sorry edited becasue i couldnt see my post ignore this post....

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