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Food diary


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Hi All,

Here I am back in the world of food. Well day 3 to be exact and its been great so far.

I thought I would write on here what I have eaten every day I am sure that those of you that have gone through this will then be able to tell me if I am doing something wrong.
Week 1 though is fairly fool proof isn't it.

Day 1 and my first challenge, it was my bosses leaving do but still it was not nearly as bad as I thought.
I had a lovely piece of seabass it tasted great and I enjoyed it, would have liked to have spent more time savouring it though but had to make conversation, that would be the only down side.

Day 2
Had my packs as normal and then had a lovely piece of salmon, I just popped it in the oven for 15 mins with pepper on, I really did enjoy this I was home alone so took the time to visually enjoy it as well as tasting every single mouthful. I was really suprised that I was full with atleast 4 mouthfuls to go. I did however have 2 of those still. Clearly something I need to work on. But not off plan.

Day 3 having Salmon again this evening but with a rocket salad, that is really exciting I love rocket.
Am drinking loads of water, that is probably why I am not at all hungry.

I have planned the rest of the weeks meals and will make a shopping list in a moment. I want to make sure that I am properly prepared for every single day, the only way for me to stick to something is to know what it will entail.

I am keeping fingers and toes crossed that I manage the next few weeks with the ease that these first two days have been.
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Oooh, well done Tange! How nice!! Salmon and Rocket - two of my favourite things in the culinary world!!! I didn;t know we could have rocket that early on - now that is something to look forward to!!!

I'm so proud of you, and so happy you are at this next exciting step of the diet!! I know you will do beautifully, you have come so far!!!

I wll be watching you, to see whats ahead for me! :D

Good luck doll!!! AND KEEP ON ROCKIN IT!!! :D

<great big hug!>



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Thanks BL, yes I was very excited to see I could have rocket from day 3.

Well day 4 was packs as normal and for dinner I had a beautiful piece of Mahi Mahi pan friend (in my very fancy pancy new no fat pan) and I had some rocket and chicory with that. I can safely say chicory is not going to be a favourite. Balsamic vinegar I have to say still is one of my favourite things. I add a candarel tab to it for alittle sweetness and that is al I need on my salad.

Its going so well I am almost worried, I have not been hungry once and am feeling really really good. Go me ;)
Oh thats fantastic!! I am glad its going well! I wondered if we would suddenly feel hungry, so am relieved to hear that has not been the case for you. Hope its the same for me!

Well done you! :D

Mmmmm....Mahi Mahi! My favourite fish from Hawaii! Where on earth did you find Mahi Mahi here?? Do tell! :)



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I bought it at my local Sainsbury's, it said previously frozen on label but it was still gorgeous. And alot cheaper than when I get it fresh. I paid £1.90 for a 180gram piece yesterday but in the past I have paid up to £7 for more or less the same.
I love it too by far my favourite fish, you can imagine my excitement when I saw it. I had it in Barbados for the first time and was hooked.


Why Be Normal?
Hi Tange,

Congrats on starting your transition back to food so well. Your info on RTM is very helpful. I am almost through week 4 on Foundation and looking forward to Management. Where did you get a "fat free" pan (and what exactly is that).

How's it going Tange? I'm eager to get started tomorrow on day 1. I have some ready cooked chicken in the fridge for my dinner tomorrow. The biggest question is how much to eat, but I'm sure if I listen to my body it will tell me! x


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Hi Kaalin,

As for the amounts yes listen to your body, but my counsellor also said approximately 150 - 180 grams.
I am going to tut tut at the pre cooked bit. If you can try and cook from scratch. I put some of the savoury drink powder on the chicken and in the oven on about gas mark 6/7 for 25 - 30 minutes and its all done and not dry, just yum and juicy. I did the same with salmon just for a shorter time.
It does take time and effort to cook and prepare but that is half the fun.

Mel, the pan I bought is a Woll pan have a look here Direct Cookware - Woll Pans
They need no oil other than just to wipe it with some, which I have not done yet. Just a little stock if you like. I saw it demonstrated on some bid tv channel and it sure does work.
Hi Tange, thanks for the tip. I only bought precooked as I always seem to make it dry and don't like it. Point taken though! I've got some fish in the fridge, so I'll cook that myself...think I prefer that anyway! :) I've not got any savoury drink powder though, but will get some next time when I return from holidays as it sounds really nice. Have a good day! x


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Hi Tange, thanks for the tip. I only bought precooked as I always seem to make it dry and don't like it. Point taken though! I've got some fish in the fridge, so I'll cook that myself...think I prefer that anyway! :) I've not got any savoury drink powder though, but will get some next time when I return from holidays as it sounds really nice. Have a good day! x
No problem. I think I have gone way too far the other way you should see my plate of food when I am done with it, its like a creation almost too pretty to eat :eek:.
Maybe if I honour my food it will honour me :rotflmao: I am sure I read that somewhere.
That's a good thought. My friend who's recently been very successful on Lipotrim has bought herself a beautiful plate that's her "special" plate - different from everyone elses so that it appeals to her. Very much looking forward to my fish and savouring every mouthful! :)
Well it was smaller than the average size and I was certainly full after it! It was delicious, I savoured every mouthful...putting knife and fork down and chewing it properly (like you're supposed to and never been able to do before! The only thing is, I've been a bit crampy since I had it. But then that wouldn't be any surprise as my stomach probably doesn't know what's going on!!
I'm also just back from a 3 mile hike with a friend and I'd have never been able to do that so easily (well it was still tough!) 4 months ago. Must keep up this exercise! Got to make it a new habit. How was your dinner tonight? What did you have?


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Hi Kaalin,
I treated myself to a lovely fillet steak, I love steak so was very happy to have it back in my life this week. I had tomatoes and peppers and some rocket with it. And even had a jelly for desert with 4 cherries as a snack later.

It seems so much but I am seriously checking my calories and am sure I am doing it right.

My stomach was fine week 1 and 2 but oh my word on Monday when I had cherries I was so crampy.

Well you can look forward to day three when you can have some salad with your fish or chicken. You know the time goes so quickly I cannot believe I am in week 3 already. Next week I get to cook my veg, and ooooh my I can't wait I have craved broccoli throughout this diet as weird as that sounds I cannot wait to have some.

Hope your day 2 is going well.
Hi Tange. I can't believe you're on week 3 too. I had it in my head that you were on week 1 still. How were your weigh ins? I'm really worried about those, but it's natural I guess. Yum! Fillet steak sounds divine! Hope you savoured every mouthful :)
Day 2 has gone fine. No cramps so far, very much enjoyed my fish again tonight (it was on offer!). Looking forward to a nice piece of salmon tomorrow and of course...salad! I find that so strange, to look forward to salad. My, how things have changed! I'm a bit anxious about the trigger weeks but need to keep myself in check "one day at a time!". My friend was telling me her friend is a personal trainer, so she was going to have a chat to her and hopefully after my holiday I'll do a few sessions with her and get my fitness levels (and muscle tone!) up. It's all so exciting, yet so scary.


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I stayed the same the first week, but I must add that I had about 2 litres of water in the gym and had just done an hour in the gym before weigh in, week two I lost 3lbs. I am happy with that would love to loose another 6 or so pounds but I am not going to stress out over it.
You are right take it one day at a time and if you stick to the rules you should easily loose that last stone.
Enjoy the salad tonight it will be delish.
I think after a while, as long as you're giving your body the right things, the weight falls to what is right for you. So you're right to not stress about it!
Hoping the salad is all it's cracked up to be and I don't end up with cramps like Tuesday. Listened to the CD yesterday, thought it was really good. Particularly the bit at the beginning about the crisp. Didn't half make me think. Have a good day :)
Well, salad never tasted so great! I can't believe how much I enjoyed it for the first time ever :)
Tange, I'm off on holiday early Saturday morning. I'm going to miss your support as I know it's going to be challenging whilst I'm away. Thanks for all your help so far. Looking forward to reading how well you are doing on my return!

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