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Food Diary

I am starting a food diary on here so i can be told right or wrong etc cos i feel im on a go slow!
Had sneeky peak on scales today and i am still on 12,1 and my weigh day is Sunday. Only really losing 1lb a week and i feel i'm trying hard really!

Ok so starting from today i will start a diary showing what i eat, how many cals and what times :)
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Friday March 27th

10am Alpen bar 64 cals
12noon prawn sauce salad 500 cals

4pm banana 60cals
6pm veg stew and 3 slies weightwatchers bread 310 cals
Toffee crisp snack bar 99cals

Will be having jelly about 8pm 10 cals

Total= 1043 cals
Ok so yesterday:

Morning Alpen bar, banana 1 cup of coffee with coffee mate 150cals
Grapes 50cals

Snackajacks 29cals
veg stew and 3 slices of weightwatchers bread 250cals

Tea Tortilla wraps with bbq mince and tacos 550 cals
Handful of sweets 50cals


wants to get super fit!
Hi Vicky! I'm no expert by any means but I am also CC and I've found I lose best when I cut my carbs right down. This is me though and it may not be the same for you. Are you consuming any hidden calories - drinks, alcohol etc?? I eat a lot of quorn as well as it's very low fat.
hmm i dnt really eat toooo many carbs, the tortillas n stuff like that tho will be so will cut them down.
All i have to drink is diet soft drinks and then coffee with sweetener and coffee mate. I dont drink alcohol :) I cannot cut my mash out tho but i will sure try sticking to things less carb like my bread etc! I only really have a slice a day if that normally anyway :)

I seem to be stuck on a go slow on this diet right now though!!! Doing my head in!
Vicky, can you try and cut out the bread? Maybe go down to one slice per day? Or replace with crackers? You are very much like me I can't cut the sweets out but maybe you should try and one or two once a week instead of everyday.Would it be better if you had the higher calorie meal for lunch then not so much in the evening? I always eat loads at lunchtime and less in the evening. Not for any reason other than the next morning my stomach is flatter and I'm hungry by then. And well it gets me into a routeine.



main reason i eat more for teatime is cos im at home with my bf :) otherwise i would do that no problem :(


Not been keeping up to date with this damn it..
Today i have:

1 banana 60cals
2 Weetabix 150cals
Crabstick salad 200cals
Salt and vinegar snackajacks 29cals
Jelly 10cals
Grapes 60cals

Will add my tea i have in later :) Any feedback on what im eating would be great :)
although ive been doing CC for a while off and on, i started in earnest again on monday.

you seem to be on track for the right amount of cals today and if you have a low fat dinner, with protein and veg (and maybe some carbs as u didnt have any at lunch) i would say that a pretty good day :)
I had stir fry veg with black bean sauce for my dinner. Got 200 cals left to make up to my 1000 so going to have chunk of choc later with my brew, i look forward to that at night :)
Hello there! You asked for feedback, so I hope you don't think I am being nosey. Weight watchers bread is minging. However, if you can't give bread up (and why would anyone want to indeed), why not just buy normal (ie nice) bread and cut the crusts off...and have two slices. It's not going to be that much more calories than three slices of WW bread?

Well done on your weigh ins by the way, I see you had a couple of gains but compared with all the minuses, that's nothing! Must be nice to be nearly halfway there - have you dropped a dress size yet?
Not really tested that out yet but a pair of new size 14 trousers i had for Xmas fit alot better than they did now so i am guessing yes :) Not a tight 14 anymore :) Cant wait to be a 12 Woo!

WW bread i get the thick wholemeal and thats nice toasted :) Even my BF thinks so. I have tried to cut out bread as much as i can. I am only really having it with soup or if i fancy a slice of toast.

Thanks :)
i always struggle with bread. i love white toasted think bread. YUMMY. so this week i have cut bread out completely. i have not cut out carbs completly, but i think bread is prob worse then all others. so if i can do a week with out i can limit to twice a week next wk.

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