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Hi everyone I am sorry if this has been said before but can I just have a moan please!!!

I joined SW on Wednesday and my hubby decided to get a Food Directory. Oh my god, how un-user friendly is it!! It takes me so long to find things as I have to try and work out what section it's supposed to be in first. Some are obvious but some really aren't! Why can't they just put it by brand, surely that's the most simple way!

Is it just me or do you find it difficult to use too? x
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I dont own it hun cant comment! x


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It is a bit awkward hun. I think the older versions were by brand but now its a bit hit and miss. You do get used to it though xx


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I had one a few years ago but that was organised by brand so fairly easy to use. It must have changed - for the worse by the sounds of it. I do SW online now but find the online syn calculator hard to use as you have to have the exact right description / name of something to find it.


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I have one and I don't think I have ever used it. I tend to just buy something and then check the syn values when I get home and then decide whether its worth eating or not!

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I know some things have changed, but I use my 2007 directory that works by brand and anything that I want to make sure of, I come on here!


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I agree it's a bit oddly designed, but you do get used to it, though it does take a while to find stuff in it. I use the directory AND the online syns thing...


thanks everyone! Hopefully I will get used to it!! I have been using a mixture of that and syns online now. Maybe they will get back to the old way with the next edition!