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likes to kick fats ass
did anyone have this probelm at all or am i a real freak, i actually have dreams about foods and had such a vivd dream that i ate a load of carbohydrates like pizza and garlic bread and pasta and stuff that when i woke up the next morning i was totally convinced i had ruined the whole diet, it took me a good few minutes to realise it was all a dream, all a dream, all a dreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaam... sorry about tha!!!:D:psiholog:
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Hee hee!

This was the strangest thing that happened to me in the first couple of weeks of starting Lighter Life - I kept dreaming I had cheated and eaten something - the fear I would feel when I first woke up was horrible, and wouldn't go for a little while!

Don't worry, it is normal (unless we are both mad!) the way I see it your sub concious is just playing out your worries and anxieties in your dreams, and it shows you are very committed to doing this right.

The dreams will fade I promise,

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I also had very vivid 'food' dreams first time around. One time, I dreamed I'd paid £50 for one of those microwave roast dinners :eek:
But it was so real, I was convinced I'd cheated - and for something that was not very nice too!

It's normal ... a few weeks later I dreamed I had a basque in my undies drawer so obviously my subconscious desires had changed :)


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that was funny reading about your food dream... well not had them , but sometimes i sit there thinking about eating ... and yes its carbs . But i do talk myself out of it . Them bloody carbs ... playing tricks on us lol
See you are missing them so much you are dreaming of them lol
Oh my i had the exact dream.I'm not too sure what i was eating but i was convinced it was real and i had broken my LT. I was REALLY annoyed with myself but about a minute after i woke up i realised it was just a dream. :)
Hey LLers!
Just putting my nose in here to say that they are called "addict dreams". Apparently drug users get them in rehab. We were doing them in a psychology module in uni, and i can totally relate to them. It's your brain playing out your subconcious needs.

Scares me to think i am actually totally addicted to food xxx
hi leesy just had to say well done on your fantastic weight loss!
I am starting L.T on Sat and i have A LOT to lose,you have done really,really well. how long have you been on L.T hun? xx
Thanks Angel - I am actually on Lighter Life, but I believe it is very similar to LT.

I have lost the weight since May last year, so no time at all really when I think how long it would have taken me on WW or SW!

Good luck with your journey, and just think you could be done by the summer!

Wow Leesy-all that weight since may? THat's amazing!!

Well done you!! You should be very proud of yourself huni!

I have allways been 'big boned' lol and i have tried(and failed at) WW/SW. losing 1lb/2lb a week makes no difference to me and i would become disheartened and then give up.

i just hope that LT is the answer for me.

Keep up the good work chick.:Dxxx


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i had the same, on quite a few occasions. was completey convinced they were real and felt so gutted in the morning thinking i had failed! was such a relief when u realised it was only a dream!


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like you ive had at least one food dream and it was so vivid i can remember it in full techicolour! ..in it we were trying to find a cafe which sold really nice cake, t was outside for some reason, which we did, and on the counter there were huge slices of cake covered in chocolate with pictures of leaves on the outside..i never got to eat it though

wierd lol


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Yup, I woken in panic more than once cos I thought I had eaten something. Even funnier - I used to have fights and freak out at people who tried to make me eat in my dreams... Even in my dreams I was on LT!!! My mother used to crack up when I told her about them.

That is scary that they are part of withdrawal from food addiction!!!
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Most nights I have 2-3 Dreams about food but I think its great as I never wake up and think ive cheated I think if I cant have it in real life at least I can dream!!!!
Had a few dreams but always been aware they were dreams luckily otherwise i might be crying in the morning!

However, I do talk in my sleep (always have done :eek: ) and Neil informs me there is a lot of muttering about jacket potatoes, pizza and pasta at the moment! :eek: Just as well he doesn't need to lose weight as he'd be doomed to failure with me muttering at him all night!!


likes to kick fats ass
thanks so much for the great replies everyone gow thank god im not alone on that one jaypers to think addicts get that same thing too kinda freaks me out but since im not really having those dreams anymore does that mean im overcoming my addiction and after lipotrim ill be able to have a safe happy and healthy relationship with food???hope so thankss so much again guys its so nice to hear about people being in the same boat it makes ya feel less lonely since the road of weight loss is such a lonely road but on here we all have eachother and that really helps!!!!!thank you!!!xxx
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lol - Ive been having weird food dreams but mine are all protein based hehe -must be atkins nightmares.

My partner and i both went mad for chicken salad when we first tried lipotrim -now its kebabs for me -with or without the bread as long as i get to bite something.:eek:
Hahaha maybe the dreams are to keep us sane? giving us a taste of what we like so we stick to our diets!!
Tracy xx

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