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I have an idea , every time there is a food item/meal/sweet etc that is temptimg you and you want to "not2 eat it then you can "dump" it on here !!!

that food then is def "out of bounds" and is no longer allowed to give you anymore trouble!! If it does you can dump it again!

not only will we all see that others have sticky moments, it will be a record of how strong we can ALL be and if you see how many times you have resisted a "FOOD" that may give you some real strength.

food can be rated 1-5, 1 being just a momentary want to 5 being had to barricade myself in a hole under ground to prevent consumption!!!.

it will be interesting to see also if certain foods go down the scale or up depending things like the weather, moods etc.

I will get the ball rolling,

last night, baked potao with beans and cheese = 4

this morning porridge with yogurt and friut = 3 !!!

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Fab idea Lavender!
Last night; Wine-5, revels-5, toast with jam-5:D


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Okay the food that has been tempting me since the diet started is:

Fray Bentos Steak and Kidney pie with home-made chips and heinz ketchup = 4

PS this dump title is a bit unfortunate.. it reminds me I'm a bit constipated right now lol ;)


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Great idea!!!!

My current craving is pie and chips with thick black gravy (if you read my dating post you'll know why!!!)

The empty carton is in my kitchen bin and i'm tempted to go and have a look to see if theres any left or at least to smell it hahahahahah!


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Well i just got it out of the bin and there's half of it left in there!! Smells gorgeous!! I just squirted fairy liquid all over it cos i have actually eaten food out of the bin before!!! haha!

This food addiction is pretty powerful innit?


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Great idea, Heidi - I've made this thread sticky so it stays on the front page!

for meeeee

bacon sandwiches - 2
sweet and sour Hong Kong prawns - 4
chocolate of any description - 5!!!!!!


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Bacon Sandwich this morning, on thick white bread with butter and ketchup = 5


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Home made cheese and onion quiche = 3
Chicken & King Prawn Korma with pilau rice and peshwari naan = 5!


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I'm just chatting to Mr TTB on msn and we are talking about findus crispy pancakes and lamb roast dinner. he's just burnt his mouth on the pancakes (the mince beef ones) and his mum is cooking roast lamb dinner. Soooo

Crispy pancakes : 3.5
Lamb dinner : 4.7


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Tesco's Finest Seafood Paella, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and warm ciabatta bread=5+++++++:eek:


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oh my god.... sunday roast = 5!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully this thread will set my dreams off tonight and i'll dream about all the food i'm missing, if I just think about it enough *thinks hard*


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Shepards pie sitting in side for the families dinner. Have put the lid on and wrapped elastic bands around it. + 5

Back in the days of eating (15 days ago) I could easily have kept 'testing it' and picking at it doing what I liked to call 'quality control' until i had eaten half of it........probably 2 dinners worth..........

Those days :) are over now.........




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Bettyboo, I am so with you that, a teaspoon to taste, a forkfull to make sure and a tablespoon or six to see if it has gone funny in the last 5 mins!!!!!

Oh what funny thoughts we have!


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Bloody hell... so many things to dump in the food dump...just got back from a long drinking session - sparkling water for me, beers for my mates! Went out at 5pm - i drove us round loads of village pubs, and the foods we talked about... need to go in the dump!

Sour Cream and Chive Pringles =4
Pizza Hut pizzas (drove past a new delivery pizza hut place on way to drop mates off home) = 5
Chicken Tikka Masala with a Cheese and Garlic Paratha = 5
Ostrich Steaks (was on menu at one of my fave pubs) = 4.5
Rabbit and Black Pudding Casserole (same pub menu) = 4.5
Crispy chips as served in my fave pub = 5

Think that will do... I'd have killed for a white wine and soda too!!!

V positive note though... my two mates haven't seen me for a few weeks and new nothing about the diet I was doing.. they were shocked at the change in my appearance.. one mate kept saying I looked so thin and healthy :D