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Food encounters of the *interesting* kind (food mentioned)


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You may remember that during the first few weeks of this weight loss, I was in a show and in pre-production week when we were spending long days together as a cast, the director kept on asking me if I'd eaten and I had to evade questioning quite carefully. You may also know that when I do day long auditions I usually take an extra bar just so I 'look' like I'm eating even if I don't need it at the point I eat it.

Well - today the director brought food for us - simple enough - it's like the cake table at work - just thank them and look like you took something. Oh no. Part of the rehearsal process was actually eating.

Luckily it was croissants and jam and someone else had a wheat intolerance so abstaining didn't look that odd - the jam did not interest me at all but the director said 'If you don't want to eat can you please make all the motions of pretending to eat' So I spent 5 minutes with a ripped-open freshly baked croissant in front of my nose and chewing. It was fine - just - a bit weird. Not torture - but just made me sigh a bit because I did fancy it a bit - but I knew that the carbs would just send me into a sugar crash. I explained it saying 'I'm on a low carb diet at the moment and have been for ages - if I have one bite of something that carby, I will end up sitting in a corner mainlining them' and another actor agreed that this is what would happen so I didn't look like a freak. Phew.

But yeah - never had to actually had to hold food in front of my face and pretend to eat it before - always surprising, abstinence!
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well done you! i love them...it would have gone if it were me! x


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Well done for staying strong Cerulean. You did good!


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Michelle? How so? They have no way of knowing as I keep Cambridge totally private. If I had an actual intolerance I wouldn't have wanted the food so it wouldn't have been an issue - the world doesn't stop cos I'm on Cambridge! I had to sit in front of a giant cheese platter at work once for 3 hours. And sit through a wine tasting. It wasn't wrong of them. On a normal day I'd have been delighted! On a normal Saturday, a croissant would have gone down brilliantly...it is usual to offer food to people! We're the weirdos!
Sarah what is your job Hun? In a totally different way eating is a major thing in parts of my job. I am a pharmaceutical rep and whenever we go on training, conference or team meetings we are expected to all dine together and there is no way of getting out of it. Last year we went to Chester when I first did cd before my wedding n glandular fever episode. My boss was great and I sat with my friends from my team ie the people I trust. They were great n I had a bar n coffee whilst they ate three courses of heavenly posh food. In evening I had chicken n salad and all was well. So I thought..... Next day lunch in hotel and I had a bottle of sparkling water and sat with friends again but I could hear people at end of table questioning my not eating and that table of twelve split into three parts in front of me. Part 1. People who o trusted and who supported my choice n didn't bat an eyelid, part2 those who where doing other diets (but not sticking to them or losing any weight) and those who are a size 8-10 and could understand why I was doing it. Now it was a very nasty girl in part 2 who made me run away and cry. She said she was doing lipotrim but ate and drank all day n night whilst there n was saying very unpleasant things. She has now left and turned out she was abusing her position financially but that's another story. Afterwards i realised she was just jealous and was worried I would no longer be the biggest person in the team and that she hadn't stuck to hers but I had.
Anyway sorry have totally stolen ur story here but it made me think of it. I have the same trip coming up in July and am glad she is gone.
Your losses are amazing sarah and I hope in a few more months I will have same results.
And again sorry for waffling xxx

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Waffling's cool! I do waffling for England! I work in finance. I was an events organiser so I ended up in front of food a lot. These days I am not so it never comes up.

I was lucky on LL to be in a group with a women who had to travel with work every week and socialise with clients a lot and she was incredible at handling it - even getting Gordon Ramsay to make her soup up once. People making an issue out of you not eating says wayyyyyy more about them than about you. My way of handling it is to feel sorry for them (secretly) as they're being incredibly rude and personal and clearly have no manners.

If people I was with made a deal of me not eating I'd say I had a fasting blood test the next morning and that I'd had a sandwich earlier - but I would never ever mention Cambridge or LL - people spout so much crap about VLCDs who have never experienced them that I'd rather say anything other than that.

Lunches were a little trickier, but I'd call the restaurant ahead and check with them that they'd make my foodpack and I'd slip it to the Maitre d' on arrival.


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Oh - lol - and I just remembered, I used to tell people they could spend my lunch allowance if they wanted.
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sorry hun i didn't mean to cause offence first i asumed they new and second could you not sit with a coffee and that be ok not just cause you are on cd people don't want to eat for lots of reasons.
i guess it just shows how the world involes around food


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S: 17st2lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st6lb(31.67%)
Ah - no Michelle - no offence caused! Just saying that it was part of an acting exercise, not sitting down and eating as a cast - we have to physically handle the food to get used to copying each other doing complicated things - the director did say right at the beginning that we could mime eating if the food wasn't to our taste but we had to pick up the food - and it's not Ramadan and none of us are Muslim so there aren't many ways of saying 'I'm fasting - I'd rather not have the temptation'. To be honest - as I am properly in ketosis and have been doing this to the letter for 15 weeks, food doesn't interest me that much - I just don't like looking 'precious' about food.

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