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Food for good skin, hair, nails..get rid of stretchmarks, dry skin, bloating..

How to get nice nails:
-Get phosphorous in your diet
-Get vitamin A, C, D in your diet
-Moisturise nail cuticles with almond oil
-You can take a multi-vitamin but the vitamins and minerals are better absorbed from your food
-Put nail strengthner on your nails- Sally Hansen do a good one
-No fizzy drinks as they leach phosphorous
-protein as your nails need keratin, an essential amino acid

How to get nice skin
-Vitamin A (retinol), C, E.
-Water-3 litres per day
-SPF 15 or more all year round-protect your skin. Oil of Olay do a facial SPF and moisturiser in one, Clinique do facial SPF's up to SPF 30. You can alternatively use a normal SPF. Fair skin should use at least SPF 30, darker skins can get away with SPF 15.
-Stay out of the sun-sun damage is the most ageing thing, causes premature wrinkles, sunstroke, skin cancer
-No alcohol-alcohol causes your skin to go all blotchy the day after your night out, causes skin to flare up and go red and become dehydrated
-No smoking-skin makes your skin look dull and gives you wrinkles
-No drugs-well duh really!
-No junk food, greasy food
-Eat natural food-lots of fruit and veg that contain anti-oxidants which fight free radicals-UVA, UVB rays, air pollution, smoking.
-No sugar

How to get rid of cellulite
-Exercise more-cellulite is too much fat and not enough muscle. Exercise tones up the muscle.
-No salt
-Fruit and vegetables
-No sugar
-Dry body brushing
-no fizzy drinks
-no caffeine
-cut down on wheat and dairy intake
-no alcohol

How to get rid of Stretchmarks
-foods rich in Vitamin C (brightly coloured fruit and veg)-increases collagen which helps repair skin
-foods rich in Vitamin E (nuts, seeds)-increases skin's elasticity
-Open vitamin E capsule and rub on affected area
-healthy diet-not yo yo dieting
-put fake tan on to cover up stretchmarks
-cocoa butter which contains vitamin E
cocoa oil on affected area
-bio oil/palmers cocoa butter twice a day, morning and evening
-lots of water

How to get rid of dry skin
-Wrap up well in cold weather to protect your skin-gloves/mittens, scarf, hat, warm coat, boots etc. Layer your clothes so you can take off a layer if you get too warm-cardigans, string tops, tshirts etc.
-Put cocoa butter/cocoa oil on skin. Johnsons Baby oil is nice after the shower too.
-Put vitamin E cream on skin
-Consume Vitamin C, E and omega 3 fatty acids in diet
-use non-bio detergent when washing clothes
-wear clothes containing natural fabrics like cotton, linen
-Switch to mild soap like Dove
-Limit shower to 5 minute
-Turn down temperature of the shower
-Moisturise regularly
-The dryer your skin is, the heavier your moisturiser should be
-Don't use products containing sodium lauryl sulphate (the lathering agent in most shower gels). It dries your skin out
-Use your hands to wash your body rather than rough facecloth, puff/scrub, scrub mitts.

How to stop bloating:
-No salt
-No alcohol
-sleep-you eat more when you're tired
-No sugar
-No wheat
-Cut down on dairy, switch to skim milk and low fat dairy. Only use dairy in moderation
-Eat plenty of water dense foods
-Herbal teas that are good for digestion like dandelion tea, peppermint tea
-Apple cider vinegar
-hot water and lemon first thing in the morning
-lots of green vegetables
-protein with each meal

How to get good hair
-Figure out your hair type-normal, oily, combination, dry etc
-Get shampoo and conditioner for YOUR hair type-it really does make a difference
-Use the conditioner too as the shampoo strips all your hair's natural oils to clean your hair. The conditioner moisturises your hair and puts some oils back in your hair.
-Eat good diet-protein as your hair contains keratin, fruit and veg, lots of water
-comb your hair when it's wet. Don't brush it as this will cause your hair to break
-get your hair trimmed every 6 weeks to prevent split ends. No conditioner will get rid of split ends, no matter how expensive. Your hair is a living thing that will keep growing and eventually the hair will break as new hair cells are formed.
-wash your hair regularly but not everyday if you can get away with it!

How to not have blackheads
-Regular cleansing-blackheads are just blocked pores whereby too much oil/sebum has built up.
-Take your makeup off at night thoroughly
-Don't touch your face with your fingers as this will spread bacteria
-Wash hands regularly, after you sneeze, before and after you prepare food etc.
-Use blackhead strips/deep cleansing mask once a week if needed

Foods High in Keratin-good for skin, hair nails
-foods rich in carotene-carrots, sweet potato (yam), squash.
-nuts, seeds, soy, meat, beans
-good for hair: salmon, eggs, dark leafy greens, legumes, poultry, avocado, dairy, oysters, iron rich proteins-animal and vegetarian sources, vitamin B-
Good sources of vitamin B6 include fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals, garbanzo beans, wild salmon, lean beef, pork tenderloin, chicken breast, white potatoes (w/skin), bananas, and lentils.
Good sources of Vitamin B12 include shellfish (clams, oysters, crab), wild salmon, fortified whole-grain breakfast cereal, soy milk, trout, lean beef, and low-fat cottage cheese.
Good sources of folate/vitamin B9 include fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals, lentils, black-eyed peas, soybeans, oatmeal, turnip greens, spinach, green peas, artichokes, okra, beets, parsnips, and broccoli.
zinc-oysters, lean beef, crab, ostrich, pork tenderloin, peanut butter, wheat germ, turkey, veal, pumpkin seeds, chicken, and chickpeas. Low levels of zinc can cause dandruff.
-keratin=hardened proteins.

How to have white teeth
-Don't smoke
-Don't drink coffee or tea
-Don't drink wine
-Don't drink fizzy drinks as they erode enamel of your teeth
-Eat healthy diet
-Brush teeth regularly
-Be careful of teeth whiteners like Pearl Drops which can erode the enamel of your teeth. If the enamel of your teeth is eroded, then your teeth will be extra-sensitive, and will be more prone to tooth decay etc.
-Go to dentist regularly
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Gold Member
Great post, thank you for sharing it :)
yw guys:) I've been using vitamin E cream on stretchmarks and they ARE fading!!! I've also been drinking lots of water, eating almonds that have vitamin E in them so that prob is helping too.

If you are buying anti-wrinkle cream, get one that has vitamin A, C, E in it or else it will just moisturise your skin. I don't believe that expensive skincare will make your skin amazing, it all comes back to hydration (water), regular cleansing (twice a day and not with a face wipe as they don't remove all the dirt on your face-only use in emergencies!), SPF and exercise.

I was reading that if you eat green veg twice a day plus two other colours of veg, 1 portion of fish almost every day, 1 portion of animal protein each day, 1 portion of nuts and seeds a day, 2-3 fruit and 1-2 wholegrains a day, that this should cover you for vitamins and minerals. 2-3 fruit per day seems a bit much to me though?

Spinach, salmon, pumpkin seeds and omega 3 eggs are good multi-vitamin foods.
Don't forget to get some fats in there (never hydrogenated veg oil though) to absorb all those vitmains in the veg, if you're not eating oily fish or nuts, adding some avocado to a salad or something like that helps. Vits A & D especielly because they're fat soluble, and are best absorbed with a small amount of fat in the same meal.


Talk to me!
Excellent post! Thank you!

Any tips for stopping hair falling out on a VLCD? I guess the answer is in the question - don't do a VLCD!
That's a very informative thanks very much

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