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Food for thought...Pun intended

Do you think the day will come when the lure if junk food will never get the better of you? I am sitting here now fighting the urge to eat an entire packet of Rockies in the fridge!

My OH doesn't get it. He cannot underatand A) why I cannot just have one biscuit and let that] that and B) why I need to go to SW, why I just can't eat healthly and weigh in at home.

He only eats when he is hungry and never gains Ian ounce.

Food is always there. When I am down, stuffing my face seems to make me feel more at ease, fir a while anyway.

Can you ever really change how you think/feel about food or will it always be a constant struggle?
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The urge to eat hasn't left me, I just have changed what and how much I eat.
For example, I would eat a quarter crispy duck, sweet and sour chicken, chicken curry and chips to myself, with a side order of prawn toast (that sounds dreadful now!) whereas I will now eat a portion of something from the chinese and make it as healthy as I can, and I have boiled rice.

I can't just have one biscuit, I'll never be able to do that but I can resist that biscuit.
I have dieted one way or another since I was in my teens and I think I'll always struggle with temptation. I just give into it less that I used to.
I think it will always be a constant struggle for me - which is why when I get to goal I will need to work hard to maintain - something I have never done in my life
I struggle to have just 1 biscuit - and its easier to not have any than have 1 and crave more - I wish I could control my cravings!
For me the lure of junk food never goes away. I have to make sure that are none of my favs in the house or its all I can think about. I have to make sure that the snacks which are in the house are none vegi friendly that way the BF can have snacks to eat but I won't go near them no matter how hungry I am
Like others have said I also find it easier to have none that one cause I can't stop! I say in my head well if I eat it all its out the way and then I can be good!!

Having said that when I was on plan before ( I fell off the wagon) I found that my tastes changed and while I like the thought of the junk food, when I ate it I did not like the taste and went back to my fruit snacks
Hi there

I have never been very good a "moderation":eek: and the way I have tackled that is to go "cold turkey" on my trigger foods -now I know it's not what most people would want to do, but I did it initially as I knew I couldn't be trusted with certain things and I did plan to reintroduce them eventually -well, On tuesday I will have been doing SW for 1 year and I still haven't touched :-
  • bread
  • crisps
  • choccy -apart from fibre plus bars ;)
  • pastries
  • cakes
  • takeaways
In an odd kind of way I have definitely lost the urge as I still bake bread etc for hubby, hubby has ice-cream and sometimes crisps/peanuts in and I never so much as look at them :woohoo:, when I shop I never even give them a second thought I just skip those aisles as I don't eat them so no need to wander down there - I had a walk around a big supermarket today and the only thing that got me all :drool: were some avocados and a canteloupe melon ...and as bonkers as it sounds I really can't remember what those *beige* things tasted like now :happy036:


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Capricorn, what a wonderful post.
Can't rep ya but if I could, I would.
Well done for not going near any of those foods - what a thing to do. I couldn't do it, and I do admire your determination!
My weakness is chocolate and I've never been able to eat just one item - I used to buy 3 packs of jaffa cakes and we'd all have a box each after tea!!!! :eek:

I've only been doing the plan for 6 weeks and I live with my hubby and my 20 yr old son, both of whom are like human dustbins!!! (and if I'm honest, so was I until 6 weeks ago). I'm a fairly decent cook and none of us are fussy eaters so I asked them to support me in the beginning and just eat whatever I prepared (no problem to them as all they ask is that I feed them well, lol) but I also asked them to not nag me cos the choccy biscuit tin was empty. I bought them both multi-packs of mars bars and told them if I saw them in the house after 15 mins then I'd throw them in the dustbin.

I've just come back from the supermarket and this week I've finally bought them some treats which I am determined I won't eat - I've bought myself some treatsize chocolate sweet packs which are between 3-6 syns each and after lunch today instead of grabbing one of them, I opted for a choc alpen light bar (only 3 syns but quite chewy so I feel as though I've eaten something naughty).

I'm really hoping that I can keep up this resolve and I think maybe this time I may just manage it.
Capricorn, what a wonderful post.
Can't rep ya but if I could, I would.
Well done for not going near any of those foods - what a thing to do. I couldn't do it, and I do admire your determination!
Thankyou so much :D
I have found it much easier to have non at all than I would if I tried to have a little... I used to be like a human shredding machine with crisp etc so I knew 1 packet was never going to be enough :eek:

I actually have great respect for the majority of people who can now have 1 packet of crisps or that 1 choc bar out of their syns and be satisfied :worthy:
It seems that men & women have very different relationships to food. My OH never craves food. Okay, he'll occasionally fancy something, but if its not there, he won't bothered, Contrast this to my almost weekly 10 mile drive to the only 24 hour tescos near where i live for cheesecake at 3am....before SW obviously. I seem to have managed to conquer the chocolate and can how just have 1 bar and be in my syns, but wine and biscuits and cheesecake are still imposslble for me.
I've learned that when it comes to "naughty" foods, I can be quite content to stick to one bag of crisps, say... but only if I bought one bag of crisps in the first place. If I bought a multipack, I'd want to scoff the lot, and my cravings wouldn't let me alone. So if I fancy a treat, I just buy the one, otherwise I have no peace!

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