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I ate my willpower!
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Hi All

I have just realised how much of my time I spent either thinking about food and planning what I am going to eat next or eating food. Now food has been removed from the equation I am bored! I have read magazines, books, done the housework, come online, but still it's like there's a void in my life. I am glad that I have realised this because it has helped me to address just how much of a hold food had (and I quote HAD!!) on my life.

I have only been on this diet for 17 days and I intend to totally re-address the way I see food by the end of the journey and just think about healthy meals I can plan for the whole family rather than cooking for them, waiting until they are all in bed (Hubby goes back to bed for kip after tea as he works nights!) and then sneak down the chippy! I always seemed to eat unhealthy food in secret, cos deep down I knew I had a problem. Amazing what happens when you take food out of the equation. I am loving being on this diet and would recommend it to anyone!
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Hi Sarah,

I found the same that taking food out of the equation gave me freedom to start thinking again as everything I did had food in it somewhere.

From meeting friends to a night out to a trip in a was high on the agenda.

One of my favourite was discovering new restaurants and anywhere that made home made...I was on the trail:eek:

Perhaps now with all this time you might take up a new hobby or look about doing an evening course...

We have revamped the way we shop for food and cook it as this is not just for me or my family a quick fix, but a whole new life style change for myself and my family...

Putting our healthy eating and exercise at top of the list and it is working out very well.

I just need to do a little more walking...

Love Mini xxx