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Attack Food Labels


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Do you have the book?
I'd strongly advise reading it cover to cover before you start.
(Most of the foods you should be eating don't come with a label at all.)


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Personally I'd recommend reading the whole book first (Dukan is lifelong commitment so its probably as well to know what's ahead of you in every stage).

As to labels - you should be looking out for carbs AND fat, and aiming for as close to zero as you can with both. It's the percentage that counts.

Be very careful to check any product that has claims to be "low fat" or "virtually fat free" as many of these are loaded with added sugars and starches to make up with the taste and texture of the fat.

Perhaps it would be easier if you list some of the products you are thinking of buying, so we can give you more detailed advice.


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Hi I'm debs and I'm starting the diet tomorrow. What exactly am i looking for on labels? Is it fat or carbs or both and how much grams is supposed to be in it?
If you look at the estimates for 100 gms, any grams in the breakdown are percentages eg carbohydrates, fats and sugars. So 3 gms of fat is 3%. but watch out for them cheating and putting it by portion sizes, which may be smaller. Eg if they are doing the figures for only 30 grams and it says 3 grams fat that is actually 10%


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I can't believe it! I weighed myself this morning thinking I probably didn't lose anything in one day and i did! I lost 2 pounds :D I'm amazed because i was hungry every 2 hours so i ate every 2 hours and for dinner i had 2 steak medallions! Oh i hope it stays as good as this :D


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Excellent Debs... and your steak medallions must have been lovely! Can you fill out your User CP please (top of page, blue rectangle) to show your stats. Also post menus in the daily thread so that we can help if there are errors...

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