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FOOD NIGHTMARES! (warning, food discussion)


One last chance
I keep having repetitive dreams of eating things that i shouldn't!

First dream was my dad's lemon drizzle cake that he brought a few days ago. Second was my mum's coriander rice (my absolute favourite kind of rice)

I keep dreaming about eating these things. I'm on lite so I am allowed a meal but nothing sweet or carb. I wake up feeling so much guilt! and worry!

Anyone else getting this?
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Playing the Angel
Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax Yas, It happened to me too, and most people I know who did LL. You do wake up with a massive sense of guilt, but it is ONLY a dream and you didnt really eat it. It is a bit of a psychcological thing, as I have noticed when there is stuff going on in my life that I dont express or think about consciously it comes out in dreams!! Lol in one I actually physically hurt my ex fiancee when we broke up - it was the only way I could some how let out the anger and pain I was feeling, so I think it is a similar thing with the food, and at the beginning of LL I had loads of food dreams :)

I used to get them and feel really guilty when I woke up - til i realised it was just a dream.

I actually think it made me stronger as I knew how rubbish i would feel if i did cheat!
Daisy x


One last chance
LOL I just find it intersting but really irratating too!

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