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Food packs - gonna have a change!

I have been having 21 vanilla and 7 peanut bars for the last few weeks. Went off the peanut bars so have got 28 vanilla this week.

I have decided to have some variety this next coming week. I am going to try some of the foodpacks I ruled out right at the start. I need to come up with some choices, without freaking myself right out and running back to change them all! lol

I am going to try the porridge again - even thought the first time, one spoonful made me spit it right back in the bowl!

I am going to try the chocolate shake again. I tried it once right at the beginning and once a few weeks in - yuk! But will give it a go.

I will get a couple of chicken soups, mushroom soups and thai chilli soups to make into poppadoms.

I think the vanilla and strawberry shakes are too sweet but may try one of each.

As for the bars hmmm probably just a couple of peanut as the lemon, toffee and fruit and ugh and the raspberry and cranberry has that awful white coating which I have washed off under hot water before now! lol

Well that is my plan!

Kat xx
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Happy in my own skin
Good luck Kat, sounds like you know what you like. I'm planning on trying the porrige this week again. Like you I hated it but I've been having cravings for real porrige so here's hoping my tastes will have changed.
Hi Kat,
The lemon bars make nice "biscuits" if you break them into several pieces, squash 'em a bit and them microwave 'em.
I suppose its all down to personal preference - but I found these quite nice (v sweet though). Although this time round I'm not going to do any of the recipes ... at least not until I'm completely bored with my limited foodpacks (choc, porridge & peanut bars :))
Also, I found the porridge much nicer with some sweetener in (I dissolved it into the water before mixing)
Enjoy !
I am not a fan of ordinary porridge or ready brek so will see how I go with it. I am not a sweet toothed person so the bars on their own or as some sort of biscuit doesn't appeal at all!

I am looking forward to trying some of the other packs again :)

Kat xx
Hey Kat, I learnt a trick from Sukie Sue ... half the peanut eaten with half the toffee bar - one on top of the other ... it takes some of the sweetness from the toffee and adds another dimension to the peanut. Also if you like coffee, you could make lattes (vanilla shake with coffee granules) or frappacino (half vanilla, half chocolate with coffee granules) - sweeten either to taste.

Hope you find some suitable flavours.
Thanks LLgal. I have been have Vanilla/coffee shakes since the beginning, usually 4 a day! I love them! Just fancy some variety :) Half vanilla, half chocolate with coffee sounds a good plan too!

Will get something tomorrow!

Kat xx


Happy in my own skin
Hi Kat, how you getting on with the new flavours?

I tried the porridge again but this time with the stuff we don't talk about here in...(F***t)...and it was lovely. Hope you've found something to tickle your tastebuds...:)
Hi Kat

How are you doing? I don't like to play around with the food packs much, but I do like the vanilla and banana shakes hot - put powder in bowl, add hot water and whisk with a fork or small egg beater. Lovely. Can be made very thick or a bit runnier depending on how much water you add.

Flavour can be added using mint tea or the LL water flavourings.

Cheers xx
I thought the exact same thing today Kat. I have a couple of chocolates as when I first started I didn't like them cold so had them hot for a while but then I went right off it. So I had a cold choclate this morning and it was really nice.

I am quite into stawberry and the banana at the moment (while the weather is still nice). I was thinking though, I wonder what chocolate and banana taste like together. Hmm, might try that over the weekend.

Hope you find some more flavours you like. As they say, a change is as good as a rest.

Love Becky x x
I was really adventurous. I tried all the packs when I first started to decide what I did and didn't like. I was very good and persuaded myself to try them all again!

I defo cannot ever ever do the porridge! lol Half toffee bar and half peanut bar squidged together is nice, especially if you warm the peanut slightly first. I enjoy half vanilla and half chocolate with and without coffee in! I could not do any shakes thick, hot or with ice!

I enjoyed a chicken soup again yesterday and loving the mushroom as we speak!

I also am enjoying the savoury drinks and still on the same box from week 1!

Kat xx
Question - when you mix two packs together - do you eat them both at the same time, or do you just pour half out of each pack and save the rest for another time?

I know I could easily eat two packs in quantity as I often want to, but I am too scared to not have one left for the evening when I really crave something.

I would split them as if you were still having one packn at a time, although I have not done this before. I have had half a Vanilla pack in the morning and then one in the evening when I have it hot with coffee. Sometimes it just makes it last a little bit longer. I don't think I could only have half of any other pack though, there's never enough as it is!!!
I split them in half and have them as one pack and save the other two for another time.

I don't get any cravings for anything at any time, haven't since the start but I could not manage two packs at a time as I have 550-600mls of water in them!

Kat xx
You can have whatever you like Janny - usually in your first week the LLC will give you a few of each flavour so you can try them all and see which ones you like, you then order exactly what you want each week from then. It is worth trying them all at the start, as what you "think" you may dislike could turn out to be one of your favourites - as happened to me with the strawberry shakes.

I would say don't automatically assume you won't like the bars - for me they were a life-saver as they were the only thing you could actually chew - I would have struggled with a 100% liquid intake I think.

Good luck :)
Janny, your taste buds can change throughout the diet so be a lil adventurous now and again and try different things!

Kat xx
I split them in half and have them as one pack and save the other two for another time.

I don't get any cravings for anything at any time, haven't since the start but I could not manage two packs at a time as I have 550-600mls of water in them!

Kat xx
Wow - that's a lot of water! Never tried a pack with so much water. Might try one in the morning as I never feel full these days and constantly want more - which is an ever present challenge for me to battle.

I am on 600mls every shake now. It is funny how we all experience this diet differently. I feel fortunate that I have not once been tempted by food or wanted it and I cook every day for my partner and probably 1-3 times a week for others too and really enjoy it, I have never felt hungry, never felt full, in fact I don't feel anything at any time lol

Kat xx

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