Food packs on holiday


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Hi all,

Hope you are all well!

I am going on holiday to Sharm (Egypt) on sunday for a week. I am planning to stick to SS even tho its all inclusive ><
Problem is i am a little worried about getting my food packs over there. Will i be allowed to take them?
Do i take tetras or sachets? (i plan on taking a bar for each day) Obviously the tetras are best but will they be more difficult to take than sachets?
Would have to take tetras in suitcase. If i take powders do i take them in the case or handbag. Seems dodgy. Should i take a CD booklet with them incase anyone asks?

Am a little worried as i really dont wanna be kicked out of ketosis etc.

Many Thanks for any replies!

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it may be worth getting a letter from your GP to say you have the packets for medical reasons as I am not sure you can take food into other countries, best to check with your airline.x


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I don't know about the packets, but i have heard people take them to the USA in their suitcase, rolled up in towels to protect them (but I agree with Brooksy, it's a good idea to get a letter from a doctor or CDC to say they are food packs and to check with the airline)

Sharm is lovely I used to go scuba diving there several times a year. It should still be quite warm there, I once went there in the height of summer the first time I went & it was too hot (I wondered why it so cheap!!!! The holiday brochures said it would be high 80's early 90's - but it was so much hotter)

I find it's best to becareful what you eat in the AI resorts, several times I have got really bad tummy bugs in the "5*" resorts.


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Have a lovely time. I went on a Nile Cruise and my son got very sick even though he ate very little of the food, so you are probably better off sticking to the shakes. I don't think you can take the Tetra's in your hand luggage but if you could pack them into the suitcase it should be ok. Why don't you check with the travel agent.
Anyway enjoy whatever you do. I really enjoyed my trip and did not get sick myself.


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Hi. I'm just back from Tenerife and I stayed on SS+. Unless you have unlimited weight allowance tetris will weigh too much! I took the powders in my case and a note from my CDC saying it was a medical diet. Didn't need it. I took a shaker to make them and a bar a day as well. It worked fine. I just took a bar for the flight and had the powders in my suitcase. Hope this helps.


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Yes thats exactly what i needed to know. Thanks :)

Yeah, we went on a nile cruise last year. I had a bad stomach for a month or 2 after we got back! TBH im glad i wont be eating! I said to my OH 'You will be on Imodium and i will be on Senakot' LOL

I will take powders and a shaker :)