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their is: peanut flapjack, coconut flapjack, chicken soup and chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes. Is this your first week on LT? Cant wait till i can go back on it :( good luck and all the best if it is :)


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Hi, i personally don't like the soups and took them back to chemist next day to swap for milkshakes (they will swap them no problem).
I have tried the flapjacks and they didn't do it for me either but some people really like them.
I did it for 4 months last yr and lost 4 st after putting 2st back on:cry:i'm now starting again and on my 4th day. I only drink the choc milkshake as the others are too sweet for me, so i cope on 1 flavour of shake and water. It's not as bad as it sounds and you may like most of the stuff. I have to say (luckily for me) i actually love the taste of the choc milkshakes!
Good luck you will be fine!:)
I found all the shakes tasted aweful the first few days .. but I soon got used to the strawberry and chocolate . I still dont like the vanilla and found the soup and flap jack totally nauseating , but some people like them .. so get a few different ones to try adn if there is anything you really dont like .. take them back and swap them ... tehy dont suggest having the flapjacks for the first month anyway as if you are used to proper food .. they taste pretty nasty . Its all about trial and error .. see what suits you , there will be one or two that you can manage and after a while you may get to like them :)
Good luck .. its an amazing diet :)


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Your right hun, it is all about trial and error. I used the vanilla shake as a sort of milk substitute for my coffee and then the chocolate shakes. Good luck for tommorrow and let us know how u get on x


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I am with everyone have to try them all.

I used to have the strawberry, soup and choc..but then I started to find the strawberry too sweet, so now I have the soup and the choc only.

The soup is not to everyone's taste but I make it very weak and it seems to help as I feel the cold a lot and just having something warm is very comforting.

If like me, you will struggle at the beginning...I used to have to hold my nose and drink as quickly as possible....not liking milks shakes generally didnt help...but, now, I find the choc shake a delight!! Yes, you heard right!! I could live on them for ever, but tht is not reality...

Good luck sweetie...I am on LT for my second time, started today! But it will reward you totally if you are completely dedicated and follow everything to the rule....

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Everyone is different - my friends who were on LT the same time as me hated the ones I liked and vice versa. I'm extremely picky when it comes to food in general and found I was surviving on chocolate shakes only as I couldn't force down the other flavours but having said that in my first week I hated the chocolate flavour too but your tastes change and you soon learn to love 'em. :)

Good luck!! x