Food packs


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Hi, Welcome. You can pick your own packs. Its really hard to know which ones you will like, so I got a variety in the first week. You can exchange ones you don't like mid week, ask your LLC.
Congratulations on your loss so far, well done.


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Hi, Its worth trying them all in the beginning everyone will have their favourites of course. I try to have a variation shakes, soups and bars and porridge, chilli and shephards but i know people who just live on one flavour of shake quite happily.


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I'd echo the advice to get a variety of packs to find out what you like. Whats suits me may not suit you :)


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I'm also going to echo what the others have said. It's impossible to know before you try them which ones you will prefer, and your tastes may change over time on the programme. You can definitely swap packs in your 'pop in' in the first week, so I'd say just take a wide selection.

Oh and do remember they are a kind of medicine to lose weight, and although they're called 'food' packs, any resemblance they may have to actual food is purely coincidental! (some of them are decidedly strange, but once I got my head round the contents of the packet not being necessarily the same as their labels might suggest, I found most of them palatable.) oh and i also found it helped to think of astronauts with their peculiar but practical freeze dried rations... Made me chuckle, and keeping cheerful on this plan goes a LONG way to keeping you on track!!


I would also say that as time passes to occasionally try one or two that you didn't like at the beginning.
I used to think the chilli con carne was awful, but I tried it again this week and I didn't dislike it half as much as I did in the first weeks.

I also find a little salt and pepper in the soups and/or red tabasco makes them a bit more tasty.


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I used to HATE Vanilla and the Shepherds Pie, now they're my two favourites!!! So weird!!
Seem to go through phases of food packs....maybe it's seasonal?!?!


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Sorry guys thinks I'm going to do cambridge diet instead, CDC is just up the road from my house and it's a lot cheaper :) xxx


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Good luck, I'm sure you will be very successful.