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Food packs

Not aiming to put everyone on a downer but....... does anyone else find the majority of the foodpacks minging? The water flavouring is gorgeous but the food packs are horrible.

Now I only like chicken soup and vegetable soup. And for the shakes only vanilla. The bars are nice apart from the nut crunch. Before you ask eys I have tried all the soups and shakesand I find mos tof them taste nothing like what they are supposed to.

I have tried recipes for them. I tried making a mars bar out of chocolate and caramel and threw it away after one bite. I also tried to make ice cream. I tried to make crisps. Each time they havent turned out the way they are supposed to.

Is anyone else finding the recipies a bit far fetched? Sorry for the bad karma but I just had to forced down a supposed 'muffin' so i wouldnt waste another pack.
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In one word - no! I actually only have the raspberry, strawberry and mushroom packs and I really like them - even look forward to them!
When you've been doing this for a while (I'm on week 15) believe me you will start to like them - in fact I really fancy a strawberry one right now...........

MM x
In actual fact I lied. I do like the strawberry ones. But apart from vanilla dn strawberry the others dont do it for me.

Has anyone thought of an ingenious recipe all on their own?


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Hi Dave
I am only on day 5, so not much time for experimenting yet, but the vanilla and caramel are nice with coffee, especially the vanilla. The chocolate one I like hot mixed with peppermint tea.
My llc said that if you mash up a bar and line a small dish, then mix up a sweet pack with 100ml water to make a mousse, put on top of base and freeze it makes a nice cheesecake.
The savoury ones are nicer with salt (I use lo salt) and a drop of tabasco I have found.

I think some of them are not bad at all, I particularly like the vanilla in coffee so split the pack and have 2 lattes during the day. The others are not too bad but will take a little getting used to.
I think it is the soya taste I will have to get used to, I have never been that keen.
Sorry I couldn't be of much help, but if I think of anything else I will let you know.
Have you tried the savoury drink? I quite liked that, my LLC gave me one to try out on Saturday.
Hmmm no i havent used the savoury drinks yet. I will ask my counsellor if i can have one to try. I do like the sound of that cheesecake. I am definately going to try that one tongiht!


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the savoury drink is just like a veg cup a soup, still needed salt though, I am not usually a big salt user, but find that all the savoury stuff needs it.
I don't think you can go wrong with the cheesecake as there is no cooking involved. I am thinking of the nut bar and strawberry pack, I think that would be pretty good.
Don't wanna burst your bubbles but I so wouldn't get too excited the cheesecakes! I tried one last week and it really wasn't that nice and required far too much effort for a disappointing result in my eyes.
But fingers crossed you enjoy yours!
I've given up the bars for a week as I think they're making me hungry and also affecting my weight loss - fingers crossed for me for thursday that dropping the bars this week and drinking an additional litre of water a day will give me a good result!

MM x


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Missy
how much difference do you think the bars have made to your loss?
Did you eat them throughout the 100 days ( I notice you had a good loss)
I really don't want to slow things down, but the bars have really helped the last 2 days. I will maybe cut back and not have one every day next week as I was planning.
I've only eaten the bars in the last 3 or 4 weeks (since the new peanut and cranberry ones appeared). Before that I just had shakes and soup apart from in my first week or so when I tried all of the 'old' bars (urgh yuck to all of them!)
I'm not sure it is the bars but my losses haven't been particularly amazing in the past month or so when I had expected them to be good due to the massive increase in exercise I'm now doing regularly.
I also thought the new bars have significantly more calories in them (177 compared with 125 in packs) so this could be a reason plus they have more carbs in them.
I'm just looking at it as an experiment - hopefully one with an outcome that will make me smile!


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thanks missy, please let us know if you have a better couple of weeks without the bars.
didn't realise the new bars had that much more cals in them.
It is still not that many in general terms I guess, 50cals should be easy enough to burn off, I would have thought. Not sure how much that would equate to in lbs gained (or not lost) if you ate one every day, that is 250 extra cals per week. Also I guess it may affect your ketosis state with the extra carbs in some people if they are border line. I am not totally how it all works.

What was it you didn't like about the old bars?
I have only have the new nut one (v. nice) and the old nut one (strangely OK, needed a sweet coffee with it though as it is not sweet enough for me).
Th nut crunch one is horrible. A guy at my place described it as like chewing on an old persons foot.
Eww! He has eaten an old person's foot before?! How did he know anyway? LOL!

Anyway, I completed my RtM last September so I wouldn't know how good the new bars are. It was only when I reached management that I had bars for the first time since starting LL. The reason was cos I was worried that it would affect my weight loss! I would have carried on with soups and shakes if it was not for my holiday. Out of the soups, I liked vegetable and Thai Chilli better and I loved banana and strawberry and (hot) chocolate shakes.


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Hi cherrydino
WOW! You lost 63lbs in foundation, that is amazing.
Do you mind if I ask if you exercised at all?

I was quite disappointed with the chocolate one, I used to be a chocoholic, but it is my least favourite of the sweet ones.


Back to the grindstone!!
Hello folks, The only soup I don't like is the Thai chilli and the mushroom for me is a god send!! I always have that as my last pack of the day so that I have something I like to look forward too. The shakes aren't really my thing, never was a milkshake fan but I find that if I mix up the strawberry and banana with about 80ml of water, it is like angel delight(breakfast!!). I use the chocolate to make a muffin and put a little of a crumbled nut crunch into it to give it a bit of bite.
I like the new bars a lot but I am wary of eating them too much as I have found that my losses slow down if I eat bars every day. A nice treat at the weekend and definetly something to look forward to for me.
Everyone is different and I guess I have gotten used to the taste. My first week on LL I thought it was going to be a nightmare as most of the shakes I tried were just not for me!!! Soup is my saviour!!! lol
I'm down to just chocolate packs and the two new bars. I am in week 13 now and can't face any of the other flavours. I did spend a good few weeks only eating banana ones. Tastes change as the weeks go on so every now and then give the others a try.

I really can't wait to find out how the no bar week goes - if it works I'm definitely doing it! Weight loss is so slow at the moment!
Ditto I am on week 28 in development (scary!)and have been on chocolate shakes and bars for the last 18 weeks or so..chocolate is the only thing that tastes fairly normal and so versatile i have it with ice like a shake/mouse or like hot chocolate with warm water or add a little bit to coffee or make it into a paste put in foil and put in the freezer and hey presto a choc bar. Funny thing is i was never ever a big choc fan before LL..it's def not one of my triggers!



Happily pro pointing!
I was awake at 4 this morning worrying about whether bars were going to affect my losses or not.
I do 50 mins walking per week day on the school walk, and DH has said he will get my Christmas present early, so I have a cross trainer arriving this week which I am hoping to try and do 15 mins per day then see how I go. Hopefully that will help.
I don't anything to hinder my weight loss, but a bar at the end of the day has kept me going the last few days with something to look forward to. It is early days and I don't want to stray.
Even though I tried the toffee one last night and thought I would be sick :sign0137:

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