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Food Poisoning, should i eat?



Bring it on!
1st are you aure it's food poisoning? There is a really bad stomach bug doing the rounds so it could be that. Either way you should starve it out until all signs are gone, just drink water to ensure you don't get dehydrated. It should be out of your system soon. Hope you feel better.
I have always been told never starve yourself when you're sick / diahorrea! You need to keep your insides working correctly otherwise if you starved yourself your insides stop working as they should and then when you eat normally again they start working overtime... resulting in a bad tummy again.

I would eat bland foods chick to start off with and then introduce bit by bit... don't eat dairy though as it curdles

Hope you feel better soon xx
If it is food poisoning, I think it all depends what you can keep down without chucking up. Dry toast, crumpet, potato - bland foods that won't aggravate your tummy.

Chuffy's right - there's a nasty bug doing the rounds at the moment. A few people at work have had it here.

Hope you feel better soon.


Bring it on!
Definative answer from NHS Direct, but not about food poisoning.

Drink fluids

You can avoid becoming dehydrated by drinking lots of fluids. You are more likely to be dehydrated if you are also vomiting.
Take small, frequent sips of water or diluted fruit juice.

Rehydration drinks

If you are worried that you are becoming dehydrated, your doctor or pharmacist may advise you to take rehydration drinks. You can buy sachets of rehydration salts from your pharmacy and add them to water. They provide the correct balance of water, salt and sugar.
Rehydration drinks do not help to cure diarrhoea, but can prevent or treat dehydration.

Eat as soon as you can

The old advice was to not eat anything for a day or two, but now it is recommended that you eat foods high in carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice or potatoes) and other foods as soon as you feel like it. Salty foods such as soup can help replace salt lost from your system.
If you feel you cannot eat, it shouldn't do you any harm, but make sure you continue drinking fluids and eat as soon as you are able.
Thanks guys xx
If you think it is food poisoning you should contact your local Envirnmental Health department and inform them. Its only by people actually complaining about this type of thing that gets food premises cleaned up to a safe hygenic standard. Thats what they are there for, use them. (Sorry, my mum is an inspector so pitchen for the home team) xxx
Reported, and intended to do so form the outset.

Other half and i run an Industrial Deep Cleaning business (commercial kitchens, factories, hospitals etc).

Been poorly all weekend too. ;-(
:flowers: hopefully you are nearly better now?
if it was me i would try and stick to the healthy extras part of the diet as much as i could and drink plenty.

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