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food talk warning!!

didnt give in, and as soon as they were done i put the leftovers straight in the wheelie bin outside.
oh is lying on the couch, bloated and im feeling goooooood:p:p
Wow, I'm so impressed!!! I would have been licking the pizza box!!! Go you!!! x


One last chance
LOL aww bless, good on ya sweety. We all go through that during our journey. For me it was my family bringing indian curries, oh the torture!!! and unlike your lot, my family don't throw away their left overs :/
well done girl!!

my OH had dominios at the weekend - i had to take myself off for a bath. :0bathtime:
Well done Carrie,
My lot had pizzas tonight. I had to work late and made sure I got home after they'd eaten them.
I'm sure I've put on pounds from the lovely smell !!!

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ahh, yeah, well done Carrie! That shows determination girl, really good going!! :)

I find the smell of food the hardest thing... Drives me crazy... salivating all over the place! It's quite pityful really, and messy!! :8855:LOL!

What stops me is the knowledge that it is unlikely to taste anywhere near as good as it smells... and of course, the fact that I'll be totally fuming at myself after, and will feel so sick about it... well... you know!

Good plan throwing it away straight away... my family keep leftovers too, unless it's in my house, then they get chucked straight away! No question! ;)

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Playing the Angel
Well done Carrie, that is amazing willpower!! Be proud of yourself girl!!!

Bit of useless info for you all though... when I did LL, obviously being a chef I am supposed to taste my own food etc.. but obviously couldnt do any tasting, as the tie progressed, I realised that my sense of smell had grown immenselyl, as your palate clears etc from not having conventional foods, so yes, it will always smell better than it tastes at this stage of the game!!



starting over
Great tip J, that explains why boiling eggs suddenly smell irresistible!
I walked past Greggs today and thought I was going to die from the longing for a sausage roll....*keep going keep going it'll be worth it in the end*

The heightened sense of smell tip has really helped though so thanks for that.

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