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Food that freezes/defrosts/reheats well

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Hoping this is the right forum for this one. I'm looking for ideas for foods that can freeze well (when cooked) and will defrost and reheat without problems. Food that you have cooked, frozen and reheated without poisoning yourselves or without the food going 'watery'. :)

I'll be on maternity leave in a couple of months and I remember how hard it was to feed myself last time! Now there'll be a newborn to go with the toddler, I want to be able to have healthy ready meals to hand. We have a chest freezer in the garage and although well stocked with veg, I'm trying to find things that I can cook in advance so I can spend time with both kids rather than stirring at the stove, or having to nip out to the garage to get stuff.

I'm not looking for recipes as such, more ideas of foods that people have experienced themselves. Although if it's good stuff, a recipe may be ideal!

I know bolognaise (without pasta) freezes well, as does soup. The syn free bbq sauce freezes and defrosts ok, but has anyone successfully reheated it as part of a cooked meal? Also, would homemade pasta sauce freeze and defrost ok or do you think that would go too thin and watery?

I feel a little dubious about reheating chicken but if there's something you've done and been successful with, let me know! I want to have a couple of portions of hunters chicken if possible, all cooked and ready to reheat where all I need to do is chuck it in the oven on low and bake a couple of jacket potatos. Does cooked bacon freeze and defrost ok?

I want to start getting a list together soon ready to get batch cooking once I finish work. I've got some of those foil trays that can go straight from freezer to oven so I want to make either full meals, or something easy (like the bolognaise) that I can just chuck in the oven without having to do too much else.

Does this make sense? I struggled so much with my last baby that the inlaws used to bring us food cos it felt there was no time to be stood at the stove or chopping veg! This time around I want to stay healthy with syn-free or low syn meals, and I don't want to be stressing over cooking!

Thanks all :)
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Hi! Take a look at this answer


Tomato based sauces are a great thing to freeze - really useful standby if you are in a hurry

chicken is fine too (either raw or cooked) just as long as you follow the advice on the link given in the above post - you could even freeze your baked potatoes if you wanted to!

As for bacon I would freeze it before cooking rather than after and it will be perfect!

Batch cooking and freezing is great if you are busy so you will def find it useful

I think there are a few threads on batch cooking so also worthwhile doing a search

Good luck!

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