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Food that travels well

In a few weeks I shall be going travelling around the US by train. It shall be on a budget so I will not be buying food on the train, instead I shall be packing my own.
Most of the convenient stuff I have come across is full of calories - which I want to avoid,
My question is - does anyone have any suggestions on what I could pack for train journeys (some over 40 hours long) that would keep fresh and is as healthy as possible.
As my name suggests, I am a vegetarian and I also do not eat eggs (although food with egg in is fine).

Thanks in advance.

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hmmm a difficult one....

Here are a few things that I can think of.

  • Fruit
  • Low cal crisps like skips/french fries/walkers lites etc
  • Rice cakes - Tescos do some lovely flavoured ones like salt and vinegar
  • Crackers/rivita/crisp breads and some lite cheese triangles which you could easily make up.
  • Box of cherry tomatoes, carrot batons and cucumber sticks to nibble on
  • Cuppa soups (low cal) I'm sure you could just get a hot water from the onboard cafe.
  • Couscous - Ainsley Harriots spice sensation is lovely and again just add hot water (take a plastic container to make it up in)
Sorry really struggleing to think of things which will keep fresh and are kind of ready made.

Hope this has helped a little and have a great trip. x
I asked a few friends on a US forum who made the following suggestions:

There are bars called Pemican Bars which are basically meal replacement bars which can be purchased at health or natural food stores. Fruits and veggies are usually frowned on due to crossing state lines etc. but fruit leather (dried strips of fruits and sometimes veggies) can be easy to pack and quite healthful. I don’t know whether they do dairy, but individual packets of cheese can be easily obtained and cheddar keeps for a couple of days if plastic seal is intact, as does mozarella. Nuts in ziplocks is another good option, as are whole grain crackers or breakfast cookies, which usually contain whole grains and sometimes fruits

A cooler of fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt, etc. Nuts and snack mixes... bagels and cream cheese... I wouldn't imagine a food shortage on the train, they usually serve meals too and lots of vegetarians in the US so there are usually choices on the menu.

If anything else is suggested I'll pass it on.

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