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food to eat in disneyland paris?


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im going to disneyland paris next week for a couple of days with my mum and my 2 kids. ive not long started sw and have lost 4lb which i would hate to put back on when im away, so i thought as knowledge is power lol id ask you lot here if any of you have been to DLP and if so what the food is like? ill be staying in the Sequenia lodge if thats any help xx
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hi miss galaxy, weve bought half board meal vouchers so i think it will be breakfast and either lunch or dinner, id imagine we would have lunch inside the park then go to the hotel for dinner and then back to the park.
ive got a sinking feeling that everything in the park will be of the burger bar/fast food type that i wont be able to fit into the plan!


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Look at this site and you will find every eating place inside Disney Land, menus, prices etc.


Hope this is of some help.

Enjoy yourselves.
Why not look at their website? My internet connection is playing up at the moment and I can't get this page to load properly, but I expect you will find useful information there.
Restaurants and bars - Amusement park - Disneyland® Resort Paris

The same goes for your hotel. I couldn't find anything called Sequenia Lodge, but there is a Sequoia Lodge. Is that it? If so, their website is
Disneyland Paris

Again, that page won't load for me this evening, but try it and see.


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Hiya! Sorry i havent got back to you sooner, Im working so only pop on here when I get a break!

We stayed in the Santa Fe and had half board meal vouchers which we used for breakfast and dinner. Theres plenty of choice so its easy to food optimise! (please avoid the chocolate mousse - my kids threw up after it - very sickly, not cadbury chocolate lol!!)

The majority of places are burger/fast food and be warned - its VERY expensive!!

However, if I remember rightly there were a couple of cofee/sandwich places and somewhere that sold jacket potatoes as well. The hotel that we stayed in was next door to a esso garage so my OH used to pop inthere cos they did yoghurts and bits.

Also, if you are organised take a bag with you to breakfast and pop a load of fruit in it with you to carry round during the day becuase there isnt anything like that in the park. Oh......and pack some biscuits and some bottles of squash as we got really thirsty and if the kids get peckish on a night in the hotel room, as I said everthing is so expensive (think it worked out £4.99 for a happy meal each at the McDondalds in the park!!)

Hope this is some help to ya, have a lovely time! xx


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SW aside our kids loved cafe Mickey it's an American burger bar but there are lots of Disney characters walking about (and giving autographs :)), we went a couple of times in the early afternoon (you had to book up for evenings as it was much more busy then).

Don't forget if you're staying at a disney hotel many of the rides are open from 0800 (whereas they are open from 1000 for the regular visitors), there are very few queues for some of the most popular rides, so we would get an early start and do many of the rides before opening time. see here

Hope you have a great time.
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I've not been for a couple of years and I wasn't following SW then, but in the park it's very much "snack" stuff, like waffles, pancakes, hotdogs etc. In the Disneyland Village bit, before you get to the parks are loads of restaurants, things like Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe etc. Bit pricey (and MacDonalds isn't much cheaper!) but at least you know they do steaks, jacket spuds etc Have a fab time, I am very jealous! I wanna go again!!


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thats ladies youve all been very helpful, getting really excited now as its only a couple of days before we go :)

thanks avisk that is the right hotel its just me spelling it really badly lol, ive taken a look at your link fillymum (thanks for doing that too avisk) wow really good choice of eating places it made me hungry just reading some of the menus lol.

thanks for the tips missgalaxy and cloggy ill def be doing that at breakfast time:) and we were going to book a caracter breakfast but i think we'll just go to cafe micky one lunch time if we get to meet the caracters there then thats just as good so thanks for that cloggy.
claireybella i have a feeling that when i get there im not going ot be able to resist all the snacks lol but will need to try my best or ill end up coming for 7lb heavier ((blush))
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I've been a couple of years ago and have never put any weight on mainly due to the fact that you will walk and walk and walk any calories off!!!!!! Also Sequona has a swimming pool so you can also go swimming which will help. I'm so jealous!!!!! Have a great time x

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