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*Food warning* arghhhhhhh

bloody husband grrrrrrrr

my son went out with my mum today, while i had a dance class.

i get back in just now tired and hungry (needing my shake) only to see my sons un-eaten happy meal on the counter top.
Jack is in bed and would never eat it now. It's not really hubbys fault. but i sooooooooo wanted to pounce in the bix a devour the lot (yes even though its stone cold and about 6 hours old).....but guess what i done. put it in the sink ran water over it and threw it in the bin. DONE....i cant eat it when its all wet!! hubby now thinks he has married a psyco.
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WELL DONE YOU..........I remember reading that someone puts salt on their kids leftovers then they cant be tempted.

Sometimes it is just the fact it is food that we want it..cold or not :)!!!!!

But, good on you for resisting and drowning it!!!!!!

Go girl!!
kezzer well done hunnie!!!!!!!!! So very proud of you! xxxx


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Good plan I will have to remember that one when the family get bored of supporting me and decide it is fun again to sabatage the diet (up to now this week they are in the supportive stage again).
Well done, It`s sooo tempting when theres food around, i work in a coffee shop and usually the one that does all the cooking, we do some scrummy panini`s, but i have resisted the temptation because doing this means so much to me,, but it is soo very hard lol,
well done again hun you should be proud.
and by the way thats a great way of making sure you don`t eat it lol xx
Well done for resisting. It is amazing the willpower we have on this diet! I know there are the remains of a homemade chocolate cake in the fridge which I made for my youngests sleepover birthday party on Tuesday but, nice as it looks, I'm not going there!!!



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Gonna remember the water trick as it will work for me!!


Salt?? I would have to eat the lot..... LOL
your hubby has married someone very sensible who with that attitude and behaviour is going to go far on LT!

good work. i suspect i'd have felt the same almost magnetic pull to go into the box and snaffle up a few fries which are frankly nasty enough when they're hot let alone cold!

another top food sabotage tip is squirting washing up liquid on leftovers on the plate ;)


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Your Hubby has married a Woman who is determined, good on you.

I have it easy, only me to feed, I seriously doubt I would have the willpower to cater for families so full credit.

Keep it up.

I always cook less food as it's just me and daughter 8 and baby 1. As I am not eating I tend to only cook for 1 day for them and anything left(sometimes nothing) I freezing it or just chucking it out. I stay away from temptation like this and they are getting fresh,homecooked food everyday.Takeaways and McDonalds is their fathers idea of entertainment(who is Turkish so it's always yummy doner or so).On the otherside I am craving meat and lots of them so they always eating those food outside of the house.lol.
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I have it easy, only me to feed, I seriously doubt I would have the willpower to cater for families so full credit.
Hear hear, Bill, same situation as me - I don't think I would have succeeded past week 1 if I'd had to carry on cooking for others.

I think people who do this - including those who work in catering!! - are extra specially successful :)
I'm reporting you to R.S.P.C.H.M. !!!!!!!


A little of everything!
My dog's bowl has saved me on many occasions! LOL! I have cut back on the sheer amount of food I cook now so there are less leftovers- so everyone's a winner! (Hubby was complaining he'd put on weight!)
I'm reporting you to R.S.P.C.H.M. !!!!!!!

whats that?? i'm confused lol.

only blamed hubby because he should have thrown it away....but really no his fault at all. i have to show restraint.
Is that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Husbands and Mother-in-laws?:D

Good for you Kezzer, brill attitude.:)

lol :D

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