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Food whilst on LT

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So, LT is a low carb diet, success coming from being in ketosis when the body creates ketones to get the brain to use stored glycogen as energy. I get that. I know we shouldn't, because the great LT gods say so, BUT is there any harm in eating the likes of tuna or chicken breast which are 0g Carbohydrate as that won't (shouldn't) interfere with the production of ketones??
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Says it as it is!!!
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no you shouldnt eat anything...yes there is harm!!!
Ok they are pure proteins...but will slow your losses! Also your body, when in ketosis and is starved of carbs handles a % of protien as carbs and stores them as glycogen!
LT is a total food replacement... you have all you need in those shakes!!
If you eat you will ruin it!!!


Says it as it is!!!
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One question...ARE YOU HUNGRY? or do you just desire to eat?
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I no longer feel hungry, but I do crave food. I have read lots and lots of websites about ketodiets, and near on all say you can and should eat, that prolonged 100% ketosis will damage the liver and kidneys. General guide for a healthy balance is quoted as 75% energy from ketones and 25% from calorie intake. I am not neccessarily suggesting I will eat, but I want to understand the truth/reality of it, and not just be an LT nazi for the sake of it. If I am going to lose 5lb a week on LT, but would still lose 4lb a week allowing me to eat some tuna and lettuce for example, then I would be very happy with that. Mostly its the 2 shakes thing that screws me up. Yes I know people say split a shake, but I need to feel full, and that comes from a full shake.
Remember as well that protein has a structural role AND a role as an energy source. If you eat protein, it is digested and broken down to its building blocks (amino acids), which are then taken up by cells to make new proteins and other molecules. HOWEVER, if more amino acids are present than needed they can be used as a fuel (so you are not burning off your fat anymore) or they can be converted to glycogen (which will make you hungry when it is used up) or fat (which you will then have to burn up).


Says it as it is!!!
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MTM eat if you like its your choice! But YES it will make a difference!
I'm only week 1, so haven't cheated and I may not be as 'up' on this as others but I'm just trusting what people have said and the ones that have eaten - no matter how 'good' [i.e. tuna, chicken] have gained. So, I'm steering clear.
My bf keeps quoting stuff about kidneys and liver damage, mainly because I only have one kidney and was born that way and he wants me to go out for dinner with him! My doctor friend has said it's fine for up to 2 months, however, that is just for freaky me! I do nibble chicken, have still lost weight and I'm still ketotic. It gets me through tough shifts at work! Maybe you should try 4 womens shakes. I make mine with the 450mls that men do so you should feel much more full having double the volume you do now (and they taste better!). Also add fibreclear, some people say it makes them more full. Don't cheat, I only do it when I
I think the LT argument is also that your palate should be re-educated - so no food.

I hear what you are saying. I'd be happy with a slightly smaller loss I think if I could have a nibble every now and again. Not sure I'd be able to stick with it though. I'd end up half doing atkins (meat, cheese, mayo and eggs) and half to doing LT. For me, it is easier to stick to the shakes. As boring as they might be.

I think, also, this might be something to do with enzymes. Food creates enzymes in stomach acid which breaks down the food and makes you feel hungry. If you eat - you become more hungry. So, purely on a comfort level (if it is true that it won't affect your weight loss much), it might be easier to stick to the shakes.

I'm not sure though. It's a good question to ask LT. Maybe drop them an email?
oop's hit enter by accident!

...am at work and unable to have my shake (don't always get breaks).

Best of luck
sorry Im with the others I wouldnt risk it


Glug Glug Glug
I think you should just stick with the recommended LT program.
They way i see it is..a little nibble will lead on to a binge, not good.
But its up to you! Your body!
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My main chain of thought is whether eating something low carb, which wouldn't upset the ketones, might help stop the dizzy spells I get. Every time I stand up after sitting down, and especially bad when getting up from bed during the night for a wee (constant issue when downing 4+ litres of water a day. Lol) i get very very dizzy and on at least half a dozen occasions have come very close to feinting.


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Well if you feel that it'll help you in the long run then do it!
But as the others have said it will slow your weight loss down.

**As the weeks go on the dizzy spells and the constant weeing does subside!**


Says it as it is!!!
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I doubt it would stop dizziness... which does go like mellum says, unless you were to eat carbs.
it would be a better idea to switch to 4 female shakes..having a double one when you are at your hungrest like howdy does he has 1 breekie 2 lunch and 1 tea
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Not intending to eat carbs, in fact not actually intending to eat anything, just wanted to ask. Dont mind the weeing either! If I thought the dizziness would go with a bit of substance eaten I would carefully consider it even if it slowed the path to my goal, weight loss is weight loss!

I am off work for 5-weeks whilst looking after the kids and helping my wife with the new-born, I am not sure if being at home whilst starting this diet is a blessing or not. But I do worry about the dizzy spells quite a lot, thinking about when I go back to work after the bank holiday. My job involves attending lots of meetings, giving presentations etc which could be quite hard if a bit wobbly when standing up!?
It doesn't stop the dizziness, I promise! The only reason I pick at bits of dry, boring chicken is to stop me cracking and having a strawberry cream at work! I also think the chicken may have contributed to the diarrhoea I had a few days ago. I've not eaten solids for 3 days now and feel much better. You will feel more motivated after weigh in. Try and split your your shakes to see if it helps x
S: 17st1.0lb G: 13st3.0lb
On the bright side, it's my week 2 WI in the morning! x
best of luck with the way in here is to a big loss

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