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i keep wanting to cook for everyone and have a bit of an addiction with cook books. Is that normal? ive been doing it from when i started on and off as i dont think the kitchen is a good place for me right now. Help!

Have had a good day though apart from that realization and drank 4 litres of water which is a miracle in my case!
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I cook everyday.

I love all aspects of food including cooking. I find it relaxing plus it fills a time when I would otherwise be sitting around bored.

Also it is reminding me of what I can have when I have achieved where I want to be. It is amazing, but junk has not jumped in my head....but meals, proper healthy meals have.


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Me too, I'm doing Cambridge and I just want to cook and bake all the time. And I love watching Come Dine With Me.... I keep getting the cook books out too. But baking is definitely my thing at the moment, the girls at work love me....trouble is I have no idea what the cakes taste like ????


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Many members on a vlcd do find a new appreciation for cooking , reading cook books and watching TV cookery programmes.

It could be that the personal break from eating gives you a chance to view food in a different light.

Good to hear that today was good for you, you are must likely in the zone and this is a nice place to be, long may it last:)
completely normal!
i must have bought 20 cookbooks whilst in abstinence and made so much food - the family thought it was brilliant.
(unfortunately a year on the obsession has disappeared, lol!)
daisy x
I also became obsessed with the good food channel on Sky!


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I became obcessed with cooking, watching TV shows, buying new equipment, food porn, can't beat it! hehe
Yes Dazzle, it does seem to be normal for many of us.
Well done with the 4litres.


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i generally dont need to do the cooking but i find myself offering to these days, very unlike me.
and my water intake has been very very good today about 4 and 1/2 litres whoop whoop! thanks sb
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Well done you.Even now after 18months at goal I get a reminder almost every day.
Today I had my nails done ready for my holiday next week.She gave a discount to LL customers. She said to me " I thought you had always been TINY" !!!!!!


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Ahhhh yes, food porn.....

That was a lovely thing to hear SB! You do look fab though. xxx
food porn! love that name!:8855::8855::8855:


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Ohmy goodness SB i bet you felt fantastic when she said that. Where are you going on hols. Love the new pic by the way. You are looking soooooooooooo pretty and very petite :D

Im obsessed with food too. I cook and cook and then cook some more lol...... Only difference to the old days is now when i cook im giving it away instead of eating it myself


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Lol the food obsession whilst on abstinece is so normal, as is the cooking, I made jam for England!! I am a chef and cooked my entire way through abstinence!!



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A chef - how did you manage all that time cooking all the time and never tasting. Did you have other people taste for you?


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I did get chefs to taste just for seasoning levels, lol but after this long in the cooking game I suppose I know when something is right or not. On the other hand, my sense of smell developed so much that I could almost work it all out by smell alone :)



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Was just taking a look at your pics Jez. Fantastic. You have done so well and look amazing :)

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