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How many of you are food addicts? I am and its my second day in the plan and I am finding that food is all I think about and when I can eat it again!

How do you get to stage where food is no longer in control? I considered going back to SW as I could sit and eat pasta and smashed potatoe all day but realise that that is not a good way to eat and that eating like that doesn't help me deal with my food issues.

How are you dealing with it?
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I think you will get used to it soon and it will become a habit rather then having to think/obsess about it. I can completely identiy with you, I think when you're busy it occupies your mind less, maybe you could find something to do when you think about food, something that you enjoy or something boring like cleaning haha. To keep me motivated I tend to read vogue or go on clothes websites and look at all the beautiful thins I can wear when I'm at goal :') this seems to kill hunger abit, but obviously everyone will have their own motivations and daily routines to keep them busy. Sorry I can't be more help I think you just have to keep busy and it's something to get used to, plus it's great that fruit and veg are free so you can stuff yourself :)


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hiya, I have just finished my 1st week on ww it does get easier, try pre pointing all your usual meals so you know what you can have without thinking too much about it.. I keep a list on me and on my esource with my recipies, and most liked foods . it's gets easier and you get to know what you can and can't have quite quickly... I doubt there will ever be a time for me when i dont have to think about food cos that when i pile the weight on x

I also came from sw and lost 0.5 in total in 5 weeks ! i had my first wi with ww pro points yesterday and lost 5lb.. i think all the "free" food on sw just wasn't good for me as i like my plate full LOL...
Suppose I'm a little obsessive thinking bout food! But in week 4 maybe 5 haha dunno when I started now :) but I still preplan in my head and make room for snacks. I'm the worst cause I get obsessed with weighing myself. Some say it's bad for you. But id weigh mysf at the end of the day to see how heavy foods lie in my tummy! But if I saw a pound or 2 gain I wouldn't freak out! But I like the motivation of losing a pound or 2. Makes me feel on track :) or I like to know what to expect :)

Think you get less obsessed with food as you have your weeklies! The more I think bout it haha.


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im doing ww since last june and it's still all i think about:D


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Sometimes when you stop paying attention to what you are eating is when the pounds start creeping on again. What will happen is that you will think of it less often and only when planning a meal or when your tummy rumbles Good luck x
Thanks guys!

I really do hope it gets easier. I am busy all day with a 7 week old ans 16 month old but its always there in the back of my mind.

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