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FoodMonsters Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by FoodMonster!, 6 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Hello and welcome to my food diary!
    I was previously on the JUDDD diet and lost a stone on it - managed to maintain it for about a year.
    The other week I wanted to loose a bit more weight but I was struggling on JUDDD as I found
    myself to be very hungry and I was struggling to get through(This could be due to being on antibiotics for 2 weeks)...plus I was fed up of Kcal counting.
    So, before I pressed the self destruct button (which could have ended badly) I hit the 'New Diet' button.
    I have done slimmer's world before and it does work for me.

    I currently weigh 11 stone 4 (I am 5 ft 6 inch tall) and I want to get into the 10's, so I am not far off. Too be honest, I am
    quite happy at the weight I am now, but there is no harm in loosing a bit more. My clothes fit better and right now I am quite
    happy, so I defo did not want to blow things, that is why I am back at slimmers world. Okay, so I started Friday and I will
    post my food for the last three days. Please, give me your opinions and advice. I am currently doing the extra easy days - Might enter red days during the week.

    FRIDAY (It is bad - I know)

    Breakfast - tea (skimmed milk HEXA)
    Lunch - Tea (skimmed milk HEXA)
    Dinner - Salad (1 tom, cucumber, lettuce, gurkins)
    Baked potato, tin of tuna with a blob of quark and a sprinkle of mustard powder and some vinegar (very nice) 1 tin of Tesco salad beans.
    Fruit Salad ( 1 x banana, 3/4 apple, a handful of blueberries, 6 strawberries) 1 x 0% fat total Greek yoghurt.
    Supper: 2x hovis nimble brown bread with quark (I have supper at weekends)

    Diet sodas.

    Breakfast - Banana
    Lunch - Skinny costa Mocha (12 syns roughly I did the whole 20 kcals per 1 syn thing - quite a good thing to know) Doughnut peach (the fruit lol) 2 xPears
    Dinner - Maggie so tender paprika sheet (1 Syn - Googled it) chicken,1 x baked potato (made into chips) 1x parsnip (roasted) 1 kcal spray. Cauliflower and some quark (very good indeed) - Water melon - I got fed up of eating it to switched to a muller yoghurt and some fruit.
    Supper: 2x Alpen light bars (Hexb) with a coffee
    HEX a was milk

    Diet Sodas

    SUNDAY - so far

    HEXa - Milk (Skimmed all the way)
    Breakfast - Pear & Apple 2 x nimble bread (HeXb) Cottage cheese
    Lunch - 1% fat mug shot BBQ flavour - 1 x pear 1 x muller light toffee - 2 x sugar free jelly
    Dinner - It will be - Maggie so tender paprika sheet (1 syn) Chicken, 2 x slimmer's world sausage (need eating today) Cabbage, broccoli, pearl potatoes, 1 parsnip and some carrots - followed by a fruit salad and 0% fat total yoghurt.
    Supper: N/A - prob be fruit....

    So, what do you guys think? Is it too much? Not enough? Advice and support on a postcard please.

    I am really worried as I have lost weight on JUDDD and I do not want to put it on. My weigh in day is next Friday.

    And I seem to be going to the toilet a heck of a lot more than normal.
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  3. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Not had my fruit salad and total yoghurt but had everything else. Full now. :)

    Least I am eating healthier now on this diet compared to my other.

    Ended up having a mango and two alpen light bars at 4.5 syns each since i found out they can not be used as hexb - sad times. I know they are in the process of changing it...but to which bar?

    I also had a muller light and a pear. Kept me full.
    Last edited: 7 July 2014
  4. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Still full from ydays food and not eaten yet. Had one cup of tea and some water.

    For dinner latr I will be having chicken with the maggie so tender paprika (1 syn) again with spinach, baby corn and cauliflour and brocolli (the mixed veg frozen ones)

    That will be followed with a yummy fruit sald consisting of apples, blueberries, grapes, orange and total 0% fat greek yoghurt.

    My hexa is milk and my hexb is still undecided. :)
  5. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Had a mango as well.
    Weighed myslef this morning and since Friday I have stayed the same. I know it is only 4 days but I hope it shifts a bit.

    Today, breakfast and dinner are the same as yday. For tea tonight it will be quorn peppered steak, spinach and tin toms. Followed by fruit salad and 0% fat total greek yoghurt. Ill probably have my two alpen light bars again syned to 9 syns. Ill probably have the odd apple and pear as well.

    Hexa: skimmed milk
    Hexb: still stuck on what to have...
  6. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Breakfast: nectrine

    Snack: tesco apple and strawberry breakfast bar hexb

    Lunch: sweet and sour mug shot

    Tea: wetherspoons chicken sqwers (no sauce) salad and rice.

    Pudding: onken 0 %fat natural greek yoghurt (at home)

    Snack: sainsbury spaghetti hoops :)

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  7. FoodMonster!

    FoodMonster! Member

    Also done 12000 steps every day for month of aug :)

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