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Foodpack crisps

i have found that they work well when they are a smooth wet paste....they should easily tap of the end of spoon and spread slightly but still hold their shape. I don't measure water, I just add it very slowly to the right consistency. Hot water mixes better.

You can add S&P in the mixture or sprinkle it over them before you cook them.

I have not made poppadums, only crisps.


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These are a definite winner for me!

Thai Chilli makes really nice ones, as does the chicken. The vegetable ones are ok but not as tasty.

Try adding a few drops of tabasco into the mixture too before you cook it for a nice alternative.


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Thanks Guys.

They are cooling as we speak. I'm dead excited now!!!:p

How sad am I?:rolleyes:
Bex - how do you make your popadoms? I tried once and the edges got crispy like crisp and the middle was under done? Who wet is the mixture? And do you cook them on paper? How many does a pack make? Sorry for so manyquestiosn, would just like to know how to do them right as my first attempt was rubiish!! lol :)


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BL, I make them to the same consistency as the crisps, I don't put them on paper! I spread them on to a plate, I use one pack which covers a dinner plate, I put them in the microwave for 2min 20sec (800 watt mic) then I losen it with a knife, and microwave for 10 secs, check and repeat til they look slightly golden. They crisp up when you take them out of the mickey so leave them for 10-20 seconds then I take them off the plate, scrap the plate of the remnants and put them in my soup which slightly thickens my soup, crunch up poppadom and eat!!!:D If you want you can halve the pack and have half soup/ half poppadom, just drop the time in the mickey :D


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I use unbleached Baking parchment from Tesco, and cut two dinner place sized circles out of it.

I make up one pack. Then I put four dollops (if thats a technical term!) at 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions. Then, using the back of a teaspoon, I work in a circular motion and spread them out gradually.

I then microwave them for 1 min 30 secs on high in a 900W microwave. This crisps them with only a little bit of brown on the outside crusts (which I quite like).

While that batch is cooking, I make up another 4 circles on the other bit of parchment paper. When the first lot is pinged, I pull them out, pop the other lot straight in and turn them on, then simply peel the done ones off onto a cooling rack. If you have mixture left, simply re-use your first bit of parchment, and make a few more when the others are pinged.

Doing it this way is quite quick, and you can get them all done in less than 5 minutes with no fuss or waiting around.

I can usually get about 10-12 decent sized crisps.

Deb G

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Hardly any - just drops at a time. The drier they are, the crispier they are. I used to make 2 crisps on baking sheets. Put them in micro and stop every ten seconds until the top just starts to go brown. Then take them out, let them cool and crunch away. PURE HEAVEN!

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