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Foodpack flavours?


...we're sinking deeper.
I would be extremely grateful if someone listed all the flavours available on Lighter Life? I can't for the life of me find the updated full list - so that I can make some choices for next week! They've changed somewhat since I was doing LL last, so many of them are a mystery, some have been discontinued...
If possible could someone write down the shakes, soups and bars on offer? :D Thank you kindly!!

Also, I hear a lot of talk about the Mousse mix? I saw a tub at the LL office last Saturday - any good? Has anyone tried it?
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Ummm Ill have a go


Spicy curry

Cranberry & Raspberry
Nut Fudge

Chili Con Carne

Hopefully someone else will be along to let you know if Ive missed anything out. i haven't tried the mousse mix so cant comment Im afraid :D

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Hope... You've pretty much covered it there Twinny! :D

There's Thai Chilli Chicken soup too... which they are fazing out... and apparently they are discontinuing the Lemon bar shortly too...

The new (current) Toffee bar is a real fave with many... although the old Toffee bar is still available for a little while, well, my LLC still has some, but again... they won't be around for much longer...

Ministrone soup is coming soon, as is Shepherds Pie... (which promises to be, um, interesting! Lol...) ;)

As for the mousse mix, I like it when using the Strawbery Shake... didn't work well with the Chocolate one, but that could have been just me being inept! :p

Worth getting some Min... It provides a nice change to the liquid of the shakes... and looks like quite a lot when you have a whole bowl full! :D


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Oh... and I think there's a Tomato Soup, although for some reason our LLC doesn't get it! :(

I tried one once though, which someone sent me, and I really liked it... Typical!



Julslynne said:
I'd love it if they brought a raspberry shake out:)
They did do a raspberry shake,but stopped doing it Hun!
Sexy xx
Apparently the tomato soup was recently discontinued, so they'll only be shipping it as long as stock lasts.

Also, I just noticed that the Chili con Carne has a slightly different packaging this week & it's an 'improved recipe' version. I'm a bit scared, cause that's a great fav of mine & you never know whether the new and improved versions actually taste better. ;) I'll be having one tonight, has anyone tried it yet?


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I had the spicy thai one this evening, and it wasnt that bad at all!!!
def everythings covered there minerva, the mousse mix does mix well with the strawberry, vanilla and banana shakes but for some reason the gelatin powder doesnt break down as well in the chocolate shake. it had little gelatin bits in (disgusting). it honestly didnt matter how long i whisked that thing wi my electric hand blender..... always sets lumpy ( so not just you pinkie!! lol) def worth a try though as it is yummy and we know how we can get bored of the same textures. xx


...we're sinking deeper.
I'm not particularly fond of chocolate anyway, so it sounds rather exciting this mousse thing with Vanilla!
Thank you so much ladies! I will try it. :)

Thanks for the list - it's nice to see it all in one place for once. :D

As for Tomato... It actually didn't taste bad, I remember when they brought it out - but as said above in never quite mixed well... It always had a very grainy sand texture for me, like there was actual unchewable grit in it. Not pleasant.
ewwwww tomato was food of the devil, made me heave!

the raspberry shakes were nice tho, don't know why they discontinued it

daisy x


No pain, no gain
I agree daisydoll. The tomato soup is vile. Gutted that they discontinued the raspberry shake. I'm loving the nut fudge and toffee bar. I just thought wouldn't it be great if they brought a coconut bar out. Be like a bounty mmmmm lol. :-D


Making it all add up
I loved the tomato with a health splash of tobasco :)


...we're sinking deeper.
I loved the tomato with a health splash of tobasco :)
:eek: Now there's a face I haven't seen for a while!! Wow, hi Sean! How are you! :D


Making it all add up
HI Min

I'm an occational browser rather than poster these days. Sorry to hear of your trials & tribulations but really pleased you're back on-track. I hope it's a smoother ride for you than last time.

I'm good, thanks. A little bigger than I'd really like, but only ~ 10lb off my 'ideal' and stable with minimum fuss so no major worries.

Catch up soon :)
Julslynne said:
. I just thought wouldn't it be great if they brought a coconut bar out. Be like a bounty mmmmm lol. :-D
Omg!!! That would be awsome. I love coconut expecially bountys lol and Malibu haha

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