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Foodpack Woes

So far today I've had;
1x cold Strawberry
1x hot Vanilla
1x hot Chicken soup

and ALL 3 have been SOOO lumpy :(

I don't have a shaker, I get mine on Wednesday at my first "real" meeting, is that maybe what's wrong?

I'm having to just mix the water and powder with a spoon or fork. It's edible, but cetainly not very pleasent, especially the chicken one.

The strawberry one was nicer than I expected TBH, the Vanilla one was pretty thick/lumpy, and tasted like Porridge to me, which I really liked! Think I'm going to make it my breakfast one each day lol
I knew that I probably wasn't going to like the soups, glad I got a lot more shakes than soups now! :)

So, yeah, will the shaker get rid of the lumps? Or do I need to get a proper blender to make smooth shakes using ice?

I was really looking forward to my 8pm Chocolate Milkshake, now, not so much.............

HELP! :(
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yep you need a little blender - I got mine for a £5 from Asda a stick blender - they make the world of difference and much better than the tiny thing from the pound shop or the "special Shaker"
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Ach!! TOmorrow - Priority - go get yourself a GOOD stick blender - the 5 pound ones are good - but chances are you will go through it on the diet so maybe invest a bit more for a more substantial one and it will see you through.

I killed two cheap ones over the months.

It will make all the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor you - they are horrible when not blended properly, so a big WELL DONE to you for going on past the first one.

Plus, with the blender, you can make "frappucinos" and "ice cream" - makes alllll the difference in the world mate.

So, thats your assignment tomorrow. :D
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Well, a faint memory flickered in the back of my head from when we moved house last christmas.... I'm sure I saw a blender.....hmm.....

went and rummaged though the garage (aka pile of unsorted crap :p )
and there it was!

So I just made myself a nice, thick, strong, chocolate shake using a couple of ice cubes, and OH MY GOD, did it taste good!
sadly, the taste has faded away but the lumpy chicken soup is still very present in my mouth.

Time for the mouthwash again methinks! :D


Fighting Demons....
I have to say, I bought myself a vey cheap hand blender today. Only because I wanted to see if there was a big difference between the blender and the shaker. I am officially converted to hand blenders. I think I shall have to persuade someone to buy me one for Xmas!!

B x

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