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what are your favorites? What do you order for the week? Any you hate?

So far I like the shakes but dont think much of the soups or bars. I like having something to chew though so I think Ill order 3 shakes and one soup a day for something savory and Ill swap a shake for a bar for 3 days over the weekends. Thats when I usually go out so it will help to be able to put something in my pocket.
I only really like the chocolate, vanilla and caramel shakes. The banana one I can tolerate but strawberry and rasberry no thankyou. I am waiting till Im really bored though before I start experimenting with the packs.
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I don't like the soups to be honest. I love the raspberry and cranberry bars and the crispy peanut bars too. I also love the strawberry, vanilla, banana and chocolate shakes (although I don't order too many of those as I find they don't mix great). I tend to order one of each of the shakes for my three meals then have the bars alternate days to each other. I have experimented with everything but the above are my favourites so I indulge myself in those :) Isn't it funny how everyone's tastes are so completely different and how your tastes change as the weeks evolve!
I don't like any of the soups, and the only bar I like is the peanut. I have a peanut bar once or twice a week. The rest of the time I live on shakes. I like vanilla but only with added coffee - have that as my first shake each day. The only shake I like on its own is raspberry. I mix strawberry and banana shakes with chocolate. Caramel is gross ....


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They're discontinuing the caramel so we were told last week. I didn't get any of those cos even the smell would make me wanna hurl.

I really like the thai chilli soup. I wasn't impressed with the chicken at all until I used my stick blender and it's much better. The mushroom is ok as is the veggie - the chicken is probably my least favourite.

I tend to go with a vanilla shake in the morning with some coffee in. I mix it with ice cubes using the blender and it goes nice and thick. I've tried the raspberry shake and that's ok too but then I like raspberry flavoured things. Can't stand banana flavoured anything apart from bananas - so I didn't get any of those. my fave has to be the chocolate mixed with coffee and served hot as a choca-mocha late at night.

I will try the bars - a friend has recommended the cranberry one - and I'll get the peanut one too cos I like nutty things. (don't go there!!).


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Chocolate milkshake is my fave, and the only shake i like. Fruit bar with a black coffee is yum, and the pack colours match :D

Soups if its cold - thai chilli and mushroom. Mushroom makes a great popodum.


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i put a teaspoon of coffee in with the vanilla one with sweetners at lunch!! have a banana shake for brekkie, the choc for dinner and carmel for tea!!!!!! works for me!!

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