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Foot tattoos


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This is off topic,but as a wee reward to myself I am thinking of getting a pretty foot tattoo done.However having done a bit of research into it :eek: I have frightened the life out of myself.My pain threshold is reasonable I think,but I have never has a tattoo before!
Does anyone have one? And if so was it sore?
If not can anyone recommend a less painful spot to get one?
Thanks xx
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I don't have one but my best friend got one on her toe/foot and didn't even flinch! She was more worried about it tickling than anything I think.
Good idea on how to reward yourself. I'm thinking of doing the same but haven't summed up the courage just yet!


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Thanks Rachel, Part of me is intimidated by the tattooists :D.I have found a female tattoist in a town nearby,and plan to go to her.Some of her work is beautiful.


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I had my reward tattoo on my lower back about 3 weeks ago now.... and yes it stings a little but, but nothing much more than sunburn really.

It really was one of the best experiences I've had - and already want to look at more!
i have 2 - one on my lower back and one at the outside top of my thigh.
they both hurt - but it only lasts a bit and is worth it.

my friend has one on her foot and she said it wasn't too painful, but everyone's threshold is different, i'm a real wimp!

daisy x


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Yeah go fot it! If thats what you want to treat yourself then why not, the pain isn't that bad, honest!!


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I have 2 tattoos, one on my shoulder, and one on my toe (it's cute!) I have to admit, the one on the toe was definitely more painful, but was significantly quicker (you can't fit much on a toe!!)

I say go for it - you've had kids Jazzy, and although I haven't, my best friend who has both kids and a tattoo says the tattoo was definitely the least painful, and significantly quicker!! xx
Hey sweetie. Iv got 3, one on my wrist, one on my lower back and one on my bum. . my back hurt the most.. only because of the spine though..

Its a bit of a shock feeling at first, but you soon ajust and its never as bad as your told or think, just stay calm! and breath and make sure u eat first...

go for it! :) im getting a big one next year :) its a very addictive thing though! x


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Thanks folks.You've helped make my mind up I am gonna do it.I've experienced worse pain.Hubby says its worse than childbirth Lucy :rolleyes:,still what does he know............


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I've got 8.... One on my left foot & one on my right. One on bum, one on lower back, one between shoulder blades, 2 on one wrist & one on the other.
I found the one on my bum hurt the most & the more fat you have the less likely it is supposed to hurt.... Not so in my case!
I have one on the top of my left foot & that didn't hurt, but the one on the side of my right foot did (not massively though).
My friends are tattooist & say that everyone has different pain thresholds so it's impossible to compare.... You could try some emla cream before you have it done. It's like the magic cream they put on childrens hands when they are having needles.
Anywat, the pain is worth it imo.

Good luck with whatever you decide. x


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Well thats the appointment booked :D:eek: for the 31st July after my hols.LL has really given me confidence to do things I would not have followed through before .I might even get another at a later date .................
what are you thinking of getting done? x


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Awesome Jazzy, I have 3, all done at different important points in my life, so will def get another or rather join up the 3 I have to complete the patterns when I am done with LL

what tats have you got Jez? what other events sparked them? (or would you rather not say? x


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Awesome Jazzy, I have 3, all done at different important points in my life, so will def get another or rather join up the 3 I have to complete the patterns when I am done with LL

Thanks Jez, I am terrified ,but feel I want to mark this episode in my life.After years of self-abuse I am finally treating myself well.


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Tats are fab, although mine are quite unobtrusive, so I hardly notice them from day to day (on my lower back and the top of each bumcheek!) But I adore them. The plan is to eventually have them all joined up to make a cohesive pattern - they are all black sort of tribal designs but quite curly wurly if that makes sense? I will also add a a slightly celtic design going further up my lower spine at some point. Vix the points in my life I got them were: getting out of an incredibly destructive ltr and finally being free, one to celebrate being free and fine as a single person for a year (god its been about 9 years since that!!!) and the last was just before I left SA for UK, so the end a journey and the start of a new one.

Be careful tho Jazz, they can become seriously addictive!!!


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