For all those who gain an ickle bit over Christmas....

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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....just imagine how much you would have gained if you hadn't been following SW this year!

I put on 2 pounds over Christmas and I'm delighted! Even though I ate what I wanted I'm sure I subconsciously chose more SW friendly - very different to this time last year!

So you may have put on - you know SW works and that you'll have it off again in no time - it's easy for me to say but 'stop fretting' xxxx
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Roz V

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Totally agree!!! Won't know how tragic the gain is until tonight, but when I think what I USED to eat, just because it was Christmas...!!!

Good Luck to everyone brave enough to get weighed this week!


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Yes! I totally agree, it makes me laugh as even though I stopped doing SW for the last couple of weeks before xmas, I was still very constious (sp??) of what I was putting in my mouth! x


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deffo agree i stoped eating crap on boxing day and i still gained 1 1/2 lbs so normally in my head it would still be christmas til jan2nd at least !


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I totally agree. 2lbs on for me as well, and that's pretty much eating whatever I wanted...but I definitely didn't eat in the ways I would have done pre-SW. On Christmas Day, for example, I had just a couple of satsumas for breakfast (oh, and two chocolates lol!) then Christmas lunch, but no dinner (just a couple more chocolates). Um...that's not me illustrating being good! But in previous years I'd have been having another meal of cold leftovers in the evening when I wasn't at all hungry.

Mind you, after almost a week of eating whatever, I could see how easy it would be to fall into bad ways again. I was subconsciously picking all the time by 27th...just random bits of whatever was in the fridge. Hardly eating any fruit and veg, 'forgetting' those few chocolates etc. So easy to do.

Very glad to be back on plan now, I tell thee!!!


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I ate over xmas what I would of eaten before SW and gained 4lbs - imaging gaining 4lbs a week every week! No wonder I weighed what I did!!!!


Going for it.
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Hey well done Devon Dumpling. 2lbs is nothing! Much the same for me. Main thing is, as you say, that we're back on the straight and narrow now. Or at least, straightish and narrowish....

I am so, so glad I started in November rather than leaving it till after Christmas (which I was tempted to do). I would probably be a stone heavier than I am now and mega depressed!


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I've eaten like a pig all week and will probably be doing the same next week as well. Going to class tonight but won;t be back on plan 100% until Jan 4th.


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I've managed to put on a whole 6 lbs and that's with eating less than I normally would at Christmas. I even counted my syns and in the last week I've had about 620. I've thoroughly enjoyed every syn and now I'm back on plan and hope to shift the gain as quickly as possible. I'm off to a New Years Eve party tomorrow and I will eat before I go and drive home to minimise my syns. I'm really determined now and can't wait to get back to my pre Christmas weight.


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Well done everyone, I agree we would have done so much worse in previous years, and at least we are back on track.