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For all you women... How many of you do this each month ?


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Breast Self-Exam


Breast self-exam (BSE) is the process of checking your breasts monthly for lumps and other changes. Why do it?

More women get breast cancer than any kind of cancer. The best way to beat it is to find it early. Learning how to check your breasts can save your life. You may not do BSE because you are ""too busy'' or ""don't know what you are looking for.'' Some women do not check their breasts because they are afraid of finding a lump. Don't let this possibility stop you. Most breast lumps or changes in your breasts are not cancer. However, if a lump is cancerous, it's better to find it as soon as possible. When to do it?

If you are 20 years of age or older you should check your breasts monthly. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO

  • The best time to check your breasts is about 1 week after your period ends. The breasts are not swollen, lumpy, or tender at this time. Check them the same day each month if you are not having periods because of pregnancy or menopause. Talk to your doctor if you have had a hysterectomy. He or she will tell you the best time to check your breasts. Even if you have breast implants, BSE should be done each month.
  • At first, you will find it hard to know what feels normal and what does not in your breasts. Regular BSE's will help you learn the feel of your breasts.
  • Use the following procedure to check your breasts:
    • Stand in front of a mirror with your arms at your sides. Look at each breast and nipple to check for swelling, lumps, dimpling, scaly skin, or other skin changes.
    • Join your hands behind your head and push your hands forward while looking at your breasts in the mirror. Repeat these steps again with your arms raised over your head.
    • Lie down and put a pillow or towel under your left shoulder. Put your left hand over your head. Gently press into the skin of your breast using the pads of the first 3 fingers of your right hand. Move your finger pads in a circle as you feel your breast tissue.
    • Start at the outer part of your breast and slowly move around it in a clockwise direction Make small, round movements with your hands. Squeeze your nipple to check for liquid coming from it.
    • Check your other breast the same way. Gently use pressure as you move your fingers around your breasts. Feel the skin deep in your breasts and the skin near the top.
    • Raise your left arm and use the pads of your first 3 fingers of your right hand to feel in and around your armpit. Do the same thing with the other armpit.
  • Your breasts can also be checked while you are bathing. Lumps can be felt more easily when your skin is wet. You should have your doctor check your breasts once each year.
Call Your Doctor If...

  • You find any lumps or changes in your breasts.
  • You have breast pain or liquid from your nipples.
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Silver Member
Yes I do. Great thread x
Okay , Firstly no I don't check often , but seeing this thread has gave me a wakeup call . Thank you for reminding us women that we should be checking x

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