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I love watching dressage. My fav is side saddle though. They just look so elegant. I am more like elephant than elegant :eek:. My first instructor was British side saddle champion for 3 years....maybe one day when I am grown up :rolleyes:. I do have long hair so can do the bun :D well it's a start we all have to start somewhere lol.
One short fat granny on a short fat native...suspect we might have a bit of work to do first.


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Hmmmm beautiful or cruel?? Sorry guys but i didn't like that one single bit! What's the difference between that and dancing bears?!?!


i THOUGHT IT WAS AMAZING - Dressage is beautiful to watch and this horse was lapping it up - she knew she was good - ears forward mean happy horse [I think]
The rider was very nice too - LOL


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Historically dressage was taught as a preparation for war. Teaching horses precise movements. The movements horses are taught still have relevance today. It is not just teaching horses to "dance" for the sake of it.


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Sorry Laura i disagree, if it's done for competition purposes it's done just for the sake of it with no added benefit to anyone - other than pure entertainment!

Exactly how does a horse get training do skip and dance like that? it's so unnatural for them - surely the only way to train a horse to do that is by punishing them and hurting them when they do it wrong?

I'm no expert in this whatsoever but i found the whole thing sickening!


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Clearly no expert if you think it's done by punishment and hurting. You hurt my mare and you would be eating dirt quicker than you can say ouch.
I suggest we leave it there.


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Well i said i was no expert didn't i? It really reminded me of dancing bears and i just wanted to air my opinion. Didn't mean to upset anyone!!


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believe me, if the horse did not want to do it, the rider would NOT still be sat on his back.
Its a beautiful and very clever art form which does take a lot of practice and skill.
Do you dissagree with horse riding all together?
Its not 'dancing' either. The moves they are doing are simply showing off the skills of both horse and rider. Believe me, if those horses were being forced to do this or they were being treated cruelly or being put in pain, the British Horse Society and the dressage associations would be on their cases so fast....

Anyway, sorry to be so vocal, but i MUST stand up for something i feel so passionatly about.....

Keelie xx


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totally agree. it was absolutly fabulous and amazing to see the connection between rider andhorse.

dressage is the most disclipined competion in equine sport. these horses are not being treated to punishment or to hurt in the slightest..what a ridculous statement

as for the comment regarding dancing bears..? crap.....the people who 'know nowt' are the ones that shout loudest..take time to understand before you comment, you just said you dont know anything about horses, well if you dont know then how can you judge?

they way they are trained to 'skip and dance' as you put it, is to do with which leg they lead from. for example any 12 year old rider will learn to change the leading leg when in a canter...all theses dressage eventers are doing is 'changing leg' more frequently.

eg: have you ever done step aerobics.. you change the leading leg dont you, so you arent alwyas putting the same leg first

as for the horse, you could see when he relaxed, he was given a bit more rein, and the head dropped and the tail stopped flicking so much. then when he started again the neck was arched, the ears forward, the chin tucked in...and all done with what looked like a double bridle, and no martingle was used

this website gives good information
Dressage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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