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For those worried about hair loss!

Hey all, I'm an oldie on this site now!! Finished TFR about 5 weeks ago now and have lost another 2 lbs in that time. Maintenance is tough but once you keep your wits about you you will be fine. Anyway.. I noticed a few threads recently in relation to hair loss. When I stopped TFR I noticed pretty much straight away that my hair was falling out at an astonishing rate. It was all over my pillow in the morning, lumps of it in the shower and even more on the bed behind me when I blow dried my hair.. everywhere I went there was my hair!! Anyway, after 5 weeks or so back eating, I definitely notice the amount of hair loss is a LOT less. Still losing a bit, but thats quite normal as far as I can remember pre LT!! So for anyone thats worried, let me reassure you it does stop. Oh and hello to all the newbies...hope all is going well for you all. xx
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a new way of living!
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thanks for the reassurance. :) glad to hear all is going well. What was hardest about refeed?
Hi Hun, the hardest thing about refeed was the feeling of losing control. While on TFR its easy, no choices to make about what to eat, cause you don't eat. Some foods also made me feel awful and its a process of elimination to find them. Other foods made me hungrier so again its a process of elimination. It is tough but do-able once you remember what got you here in the first place, I totally avoid crap now cause I know if I start I just won't stop. I am not the sort of person who can only have 1 biscuit, its the whole pack or nothing!! However you will find that you can only eat much smaller amounts so thats good. Oh and I really recommend exercise!!
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Great advice there hun, I'll remember that when it's my turn to refeed.

About the hair loss, my has been falling out in copious amounts since I started LT and has really thinned out. Fortunately I started with a plentiful supply but it is nice to know that it will grow back. You have put my mind at rest. Thank you.



a new way of living!
S: 12st11lb C: 11st8.5lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 29.7 Loss: 1st2.5lb(9.22%)
Hi TT, thanks for that, it does worry me, i guess its just developing the discipline to not eat the food that makes you hungier! I know carbs to this to me and pulses oddly enough. also fruit does, i have been known to eat several cartons of soft fruit in front of the TV like they were sweets!

I think i will try and keep drinking as much as i can, and try that slimthru stuff, that keeps you full. I emailed them and they are sending me some for free! :D hopefully more than one carton!! ;)

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